Undemocratic war for democracy

Political satire on television


Humor, sharp as barbed wire, from the mouths of pop stars and professional satirists are often able to shake the Foundation of even the most stubborn society. In fact, humor and is used with this purpose as a subversive force that arrogant power, as a rule, not taken seriously. However, with such an omission, it dooms itself to failure. There are plenty of examples, and, interestingly, they had enough on both sides of the democratic curtain that continues to divide our world on a political and social Paradise and hell.

We know how great the influence is able to provide precisely targeted witty words to the authorities. In the world of politics, they are becoming specific means of struggle. They can be considered an arrow of political satire, set in the oppressed, who are too trusting of their oppressors, with the “noble” aim of this trust to temper. Another thing is that such generosity is almost always without exception turns out to be tongue-in-cheek, the satirical and the process of “uncovering the truth”, which you (we) are given a hard time putting into conflict with the vicious power, is nothing but a manipulation and a lie. However, this force, regardless of the intentions of the one who possesses it, visible, clean but unstoppable. Sharp as barbed wire, the humor more biting, but clever or at least original, can often shake before the Foundation of even the most stubborn society. In fact, humor and is used with this purpose as a subversive force that selfish and arrogant ruling clique, as a rule, does not take particularly seriously and allowing such an omission, condemn themselves to failure.

Using humor against the dictatorship of power, the world has struggled since then, as there were witty people and those who wanted to be in power. Last, the powers that be, perceived humor as a tool that helped the subjects to “let off steam” and Express disappointment, and thanks to which they managed to maintain meekness and obedience. This seemingly dubious and dangerous a mechanism as a whole performed admirably, especially for the benefit of the government. Until the walls of the fortress, from which, as it seemed, it was possible to safely observe his people, did not start to crack from laughter of the people. This process as many times happened that way, I can’t believe how freely he continues to this day. The availability of modern technology for the masses helps a satirical subversive work to reach her admirers, that is to be available at any time and in any place. So the luxury satirists and commentators have become superstars of the plebs, and even that often, only those who believe are oppressing the masses. As this satire appears in the institutional media, primarily in the form of television, the “fighters” to fight the opposition with the government recruited because of “their” representatives are not always inert and highly intelligent mass of the charmed “TV maniacs” who see meaning in their pathetic life sitting in front of a TV screen.

Hate show business the Trump

Everywhere and always this mass was easy to find enough support for the struggle against all the ruling forces. For example, we are witnessing unseemly, even by American standards, violent resistance and rejection towards the new elected President of Donald Trump. He may have become a kind of record in terms of the number of his opponents, which he openly despised, humiliated and not recognized under any circumstances. But all of this hatred if they were once created in the Studio for fun the public, first and foremost, viewers. Soon in the case including all the most famous comedians of American show business. In its own way it is a historical precedent in the United States, at least if we talk about explicit violent rejection of the nation of its new President, made manifest even before he had formally taken power in different shows and, of course, in the most ugly form in print.

But the most interesting was a short period immediately after the announcement of the winning trump in an election when some of the most sarcastic, always bent on ridiculing and provoking comedians of the famous Comedy programs, which is already a few decades, “Saturday night live” allegedly left without text. Then before the nation, completely serious and with tears in his eyes, sang a hymn of sadness and depression Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” instead of the usual entertainment of jokes and parodies. Supposedly in those terrible minutes, all was not humor. Subsequently, however, American comedian took matters into their own hands, and never before the avalanche of merciless ridicule fell upon the new tenant of the White house. (In one of the many “antithrombotic” skits that show the new President put the empty-headed and primitive man, the chief Advisor of which is Satan personally!) Hostility has spread from the mass of professional comedians on telepass, becoming the injection of revolt against the government that they deserve. The irony is that inert trouble-free weight were infected with rebellion following the same recipe, which first of ruthless intelligence agencies of this country, destroyed the government and the state for many decades across the planet.

Berlusconi and Saddam

One of the most impressive examples is adored by the West and therefore instructed and probably financially supported by the “hero” of the resistance to Saddam Hussein — comedian Mahir Hassan. 15 years ago, he was ridiculed, though from a safe part of Iraq in the North, which was then under the control of the Kurds, Saddam, exposing his sick and crazy right on state television. The gardens allegedly sent assassins to those silenced a brave comedian and all his colleagues who participated in the roast. Of course, no one was hurt, except, again of course, who was at that time U.S. enemy number one, the notorious Saddam. If you draw some Parallels between the dictatorial regime in the middle East and one of the Western democracies, it is likely that the same negative, as in the case of Saddam, was the attitude of the “people” to another leader. Talking about the controversial figure of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. In his case, the media stream of dirt on everything that the Prime Minister was initiated and then maintained at the required negative level of well-known Oscar-winning actor and Director Roberto Benigni. He was, in a sense, Italian Hasan, mentioned in the example above.

Although the Director did not shoot films about Berlusconi, he criticized him in various TV shows and interviews. Benigni used his popularity to attack the Prime Minister, who was considered in all respects unworthy man. Publicly emphasizing on this fact, Benigni has set up a good half of society against Mr. Berlusconi. Although the latter managed to become Prime Minister three times, his reputation in the eyes of many Italians was very low mainly due to the “subversive” work of Benigni and his colleagues. Perhaps the most important comment Benigno, which started the unstoppable destruction for Berlusconi, was one in which the Prime Minister was called the zero intervening in everything and knowing nothing. Benigni said it on a popular Italian TV channel, as a guest Enzo Biagi. Once in power, Berlusconi has decided to take revenge, and then a modern democratic society suffered a democratic-dictatorial Kara: popular political show “Il fato” (“Fact”) on the TV channel RAI has been closed by order of the Berlusconi!

At one time a popular satirical puppet show, created by the anti-Putin forces in Russia, under the name “Doll” was at the peak of the resistance to Putin, who then, at the beginning of the last decade, the transfer was openly compared with Stalin and called a former KGB agent. However, this struggle with the Russian leader was short-lived. Putin first react to all the provocations of this kind and revealing the democratic humor of this TV supposedly saw as a threat to their influence and power. Like Berlusconi, Putin has taken care of that “Doll” soon disappeared from the show. On the other hand, to the dismay of the progressive West, Putin openly stated that he is a big fan of the long-beloved Association, which creates humorous and astroscience telecast “Club of cheerful and resourceful”. It is known, in particular, the fact that the participants sing songs about Putin, and even support it to some sexist, racist and that especially hurts the tender feelings of the Western world, xenophobic and homophobic jokes. Anyway, this is an example of how satirists have established a relationship with the leader and his political position. Even more interesting is that over time the world market of TV and online entertainment has established a truly bizarre bond of mutual respect and support between hotly hated throughout the Western world the Russian leader and the eccentric and controversial Italian comedian Beppe Grillo, which has already involved in political life and to become famous.

By the way, he immediately “swarmed” all kinds of antidemocratic labels and accused of propaganda of Putin. Recently Grillo even more outraged by those same “Democrats” and expressed pleasure in the election Donald trump, American President. It is absurd and ironic that Grillo also feat before implacable enemies to unite against him because he supported trump and Putin, although the two, even if only formally (it is not), belong to different deadly warring political camps.

Grillo, like others given above as illustrative examples of witty TV persona, who on TV were doing more serious things than just the entertainment of the public, had to pay dearly for any political beliefs and actions. However, if we talk about the comedians that got a little carried away and imagined that can change the government in Libya, the price for them was death. During the reign of Gaddafi in Libya have been rounded up so-called dissidents and some witty critics of the personality and activity of the great leader. Gaddafi has shown exceptional interest in the satire, which could hurt his image, and over time it mostly successfully dealt with them. Something ran like Milad Amrani who fought against Gaddafi with political jokes aimed at a mass audience, as if spreading political infection and demonstrating how effective can such activities be, and how dangerous weapons can be humor, satire and ridicule. Amrani thus continued to deal with Gaddafi, yet not overthrown. Only then the comic stopped. More Gaddafi was not an interesting target. Amrani gave it to massacre others — those that continued the work of comedian, zealously and persistently denigrating Gaddafi until his death.

Satire is the most powerful weapon of all

Political satire as weapons of war has long existed in our area. It is widely used against the current government in a popular talk show, especially in episodes of “24 minutes with Zoran Mesicem”, and social networks. However, most of modern television is not interested in, so as to resist the powers that be — it’s better to do it in an ongoing street protests against the “oppressive tyranny”. On the other hand, past governments and their leaders no one attacked. It seems that even during the reign of imaginary democracy, which, no doubt, did not bring anything good, and even more promised, there was no one (even the disappointed Democrat whose expectations were not met), who would satirically touched this power. However, during one short period, we also showed the “political puppets” in a very popular TV show “Never apologize” on TV “Pink”. Ridiculing the then politicians in this puppet show was a really provocative and interesting, but long lasting destructive effect on the system was not provided. The current protests (“real and serious” and trained, supported and led by media stars) associated with the protests against the Milosevic regime, the start of which was given just witty opposition from the stage.

The power of Milosevic attacked “valves for the release of the people’s couple” on the radio and theatrical scenes. It is, above all, about the “Index radio theater,” which, interestingly, recently, after ten years of democratic pause came back with the same antiregime satire, as in those days, when there were superstars mocking the image of Milosevic, his government and family. Part of our acting-cinematic “elites” have decided that it is time to adopt a political stance and accept one of the parties, and then, beyond their own profession, these men brought before the “alarmed the masses” and showed wit, proving how different from those who are not, and should not be — from political activists and leaders. Anyway, there are plenty of examples that pop glory, politically and persistent satire are often the weapon is much more powerful and effective than any other. It is strange that those to whom the arms were often underestimated him. Until it was too late…