TOP 10 ways to make the bar

Adults need to constantly monitor the health. Sport is excellent strengthens our body and also, optionally, helps to lose weight or improve the shape. One of the best and effective exercises for strengthening the muscles of the back, arms, shoulders, buttocks and thighs is smooth.

Enough for beginners to do this exercise for 20 seconds, eventually increasing the run time to 2 minutes, says The advantage of straps is that most of them don’t require any extra props to perform.

Today we will try to do 10 different straps that you can run daily at any time convenient for you.

Plank on forearms

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This level is traditionally considered one of the basic.

To do any bar the first time it is best being in front of the mirror. So, you can assess how well you do it. Lie face down, stretch your legs, arms bend at the elbows and lift them as in the photo. Feet and elbows should be shoulder width apart. Tighten the foot so as to raise the body above the floor. Be careful to keep your body completely straight from head to toe. Hold plank for 60 seconds or until then, until you get tired.

Strap on outstretched arms

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The following exercise – plank at arm’s length. Get on all fours, arms straight under the shoulders. Straighten your legs, push on the fingers. The body must be on one line.

Plank with lift hand/foot

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Performing plank with lifting hands/feet, you simultaneously strengthen the back muscles, chest, buttocks and thighs.

Accept the position “bar at arm’s length”, then simultaneously raise your right arm and left leg up. Then lower them to the floor. Do the exercise slowly, if you can’t raise both the hand and the foot, make a turn – first hand, because foot. Repeat exercise in other party.

Side plank

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Stand in “the bar at arm’s length”, lean on your right hand, and left through the side, turn the body in such a manner to accept the position. The emphasis should be on the right hand and the outer side of the right leg. Ensure that your body remains smooth. Not previsite in the pelvis. The left arm should be straight straight up on her head. Hold plank for 60 seconds, then do side plank to the other side. Exit lateral over the bar at arm’s length. Run 3 times in both directions.

Plank with jumping

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Accept the position “bar at arm’s length”. Then jump together with feet together, as in the photo. And reverse jump legs apart at shoulder width. In each position fiksiruesh and check exactly whether is your body.

Side plank with twist

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Lie on your left side, lift your left arm under his head. Right leg put on the left so that it was not the main focus when lifting. Then lift your body with your left hand so that it formed a diagonal line as in the photo. Start twisting forward and down, aiming the right elbow to the left. Return to side plank. Perform 10 repetitions.


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This level is a derivative of one of the yoga asanas. It will help you to strengthen the back and shoulders. Such complex strap, as a rule, give as much visible effect, how much effort you spend to implement them.

Get in the “plank on forearms”, then without moving the hands, stretch the pelvis up. Please note that the final position of the hands will be bent for a 90 degree angle. During the execution of this strap to tighten the press. Breathe calmly and smoothly.

Side plank on forearm with a twist

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Lie on your left side, stand on the left forearm or extended arm. Then take a diagonal position. Remember, the entrance and exit of the planks should be smooth, not by jerks, but at the expense of muscle strength. Raise your right hand up as during the execution of the “side strips”. Then she start twisting: drag hand under the left side. Remember, the rotation is only from the waist up, the pelvis remains in place.

Strap support

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The easiest way this exercise is performed with the ball fitball. In order for it to execute, lie with your stomach on the fitball. Then the hands go forward as long as the ball will have only your legs below the knee. Completing this level, be careful to keep your body smooth, without sagging. Exit straps should also through the “walk” hands.

Plank with bent knee

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Stand in “the bar at arm’s length”. Then lift left leg, bend it and move it forward until, until you touch the knee. Softservices for 1 second then return to starting position.

Recall, if work and household chores you do not have time to visit the gym, exercise at home. We offer you 10 Youtube-channel, where experienced fitness trainers, stretching, yoga and dance share the simple and effective exercises.