The position of Orban in Hungary, durable

The law of the Hungarian government, which in practice makes impossible the work of the Central European University (SKU) in the country, became the catalyst for the most powerful anti-government demonstrations in Hungary within a few years.

Even some supporters of the right populist leader Viktor Orban this time criticized him.

Is that a new situation can be considered positive, but for those who hope for change in the longer term, the effect can quickly turn into a negative: the fact that once again proved that leaders who could continue on the wave of widespread protests, not now.

Strong leaders of the demonstrators there. The political opposition as weak and divided as before.

Right populist party of Orban, Fidesz continues to receive the support of about 50% when the surveys of public opinion. According to the results of many polls, right-wing extremist “Jobbik” takes the second place, it is supported by about 20%.

Ideal — Russia

This means that parties of the centre and left parties only 30% for two. And because of the ability to win elections is so small, none of the leaders having a weight dares to wrestle.

Orban enjoys real popularity, in part because that firmly closes borders to migration

He abuses his position and to establish stronger control over the media, the courts and other institutions that should be free in order that the country can call itself democratic.

This happens openly. The Prime Minister himself has said it wants to abolish liberal democracy in favor of a system that resembled a Russian or Turkish. Orban is the only leader of a country within the EU, congratulated the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s “victory” in a referendum last weekend in which there were clear brawl.

“Foreign agents”

The new measure is the government in Budapest strikes at the most different non-governmental organizations. If organizations receive from abroad, support for the sum more than 25 thousand dollars, they shall be recorded in the database. In addition, they have on the website and other materials should be a banner that would identify this source of funding.

The goal is to present them as advocacy organizations representing foreign interests and not the Hungarian or, for example, universal human rights.

The struggle of the government with the CEU for the same. Recognized University substantially funded by Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros. The purpose of the institution was to help the formation of an open democratic society in post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe, that is exactly what Orban is absolutely not necessary.

Growing apathy

The process of extruding University CEU from Hungary goes on, despite protests from the EU, academic environment around the world and the people who take to the streets.

Hungary does not meet the requirements of the EU hardly meets the requirements of NATO or the Council of Europe, but not in danger of being thrown out of some of these organizations.

The regime in Budapest too strong, and he has too many supporters.

And this means that the consequences of crowded anti-government demonstrations could become much apathy among the opponents of the government.