The network showed a photo slaughtered in Armenia a Russian soldier

In the Russian media published a photograph of the murdered in the Armenian city of Gyumri 21-year-old serviceman of the 102nd base of the Russian armed forces Dmitry Yalpaeva.

“He was a model, a great guy as a person and as a soldier. We have served in training units in Moscow region Dmitrov, dog was, then began to balance it in Gyumri distributed. At the end of may 2015, he went to Armenia”, — told LifeNews a military colleague, Alexander Bogdanov.

We will remind, on April 22 in Gyumri was found the body of a Russian soldier with stab wounds in the neck.

Media reported about the arrest of a suspect in the murder, which, according to some information turned out to be a mentally ill twenty year old young man, a demobilized on health and recognized unfit for military service.