In Armenia stabbed the Russian military-contractor

Today in the city of Gyumri in Northern Armenia was found the body of a man in the form of a Russian soldier. Presumably, it is the contract employee Dmitry Lapaev, Sputnik reported, citing the Prosecutor of Shirak region of Armenia Karen Gabrielyan.

“According to preliminary data, is a dead soldier-the contract employee Dmitry Lapaev,” said Gabrielyan.

According to eyewitnesses, the man died as a result of stab wounds received in the scuffle.

The circumstances of the death are being investigated. On the scene forensics.

According to the Prosecutor, the detained suspect in the murder.

Note, in the city of Gyumri in Northern Armenia deployed 102nd Russian military base, which carries on combat duty in the framework of United air defense system of the CIS.

We will remind, earlier the court sentenced to life imprisonment serviceman of the Russian Federation Valery Permyakov, who killed the Avetisyan family of seven in Gyumri, Armenia in January 2015.

Among the victims of the Russians was a two year old child and six-month-old baby. Valery Permyakov said at the hearing that killed the young children “because of the noise.”