Expert: the situation in Ukraine in one night will not change

The new U.S. government will not introduce rapid changes in the situation in Ukraine, said the head of research programs of the Institute of international relations of Finland Arkady Moshes. He emphasizes that we should not jump to conclusions about the intentions of Donald trump against anti-Russian sanctions. The Moshes recalls that Trump first need to understand the mood in the country, and only then raise the issue of waiver of sanctions.

“We will not see drastic changes, and for one night nothing will change. Trump wants agreements and anything in return from Russia,” says Moshes.

According to Moshes, the Ukrainian situation stronger sanctions may affect which relations will be able to create the administration of Petro Poroshenko with the leadership of the United States. The differences between Poroshenko and trump may occur because before the election, Ukraine is not perceived victory trump as something really possible.

“I don’t think Vice-President Mike Pence (Mike Pence) will travel to Ukraine as often as Vice-President Joe Biden (Joe Biden)”.

The Moshes said that the implementation of the Minsk agreements now seem to him unlikely.
“Ukraine, however, can develop and make progress and no solution to the conflict”, — said the Moshes.

According to his estimates, the progress in the reforms were not convincing, there is a risk of rollback. The Moshes believes it is important that foreign partners of Ukraine and foreign partners remind the President about the need for change.

“The Ukrainian leadership should not take for granted the solidarity and commitment of the European friends”.