Vadim Rabinovich: “the Opposition bloc” shredded the Constitution”


Vadim Rabinovich commented on the decision on the actual transfer of the constitutional court under the control of the President, voted for the “Opposition bloc” (the draft law “On the constitutional court of Ukraine” (No. 6427-d — Ed.).

“21 years has held the law on the constitutional court of Ukraine, and the other day there was actually an abuse of the Constitution. The opposition bloc, who betrayed the voters who gave all power to the President. The constitutional court is now not higher in essence the court, standing on the protection of the Constitution, just a bunch of absolutely dependent on Bankova people!”

Vadym Rabinovich is convinced that with the adoption of this Law in the constitutional court appears to the authority to decide issues that will not be able to carry through Parliament the ruling majority.

“It’s a real tragedy, it is one of the saddest days for the constitutional rights of Ukrainians! This is an absolute abuse of the Constitution, I repeat, it is an affront to European norms!” — says the MP.

The politician also expressed bewilderment about some aspects of material security of judges of the constitutional court of Ukraine.

“120,000 USD salary, plus bonuses received each member of the constitutional court. And another personal car. So you tell me where to go, the judge of the constitutional court by car in the budget, that is, for our money? In the library?” — outraged the MP.


Commenting on the deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship Mikheil Saakashvili, the leader of the party “For Life” noted that Ukraine’s time to build the country with their own hands, not relying on “visiting” reformers: “It is a national madness, when the government does not believe its citizens”.

“God bless him, let Michael rest in their Georgia, he offered to give part of the Ukraine, cut off from Donbass fence. So let the Georgia gives site, but not in Ukraine. I was a little worried about his political future,” — said Vadim Rabinovich.

At the same time, the leader of the party “For Life” spoke out against the selective justice that exercises the authority, noting that the Georgian “Varyag” was deprived of citizenship under paragraph 2 of article 19 of the law of Ukraine “On citizenship”, namely for providing false data when filling in the relevant questionnaires.

“The figure of Saakashvili — is definitely destructive for Ukraine.At the same time, the fact of deprivation of citizenship on such dubious grounds — first, Artemenko, and now Saakashvili is a vivid example of purely emotional, short-sighted actions of those who are willing to “crush feet” unwanted senior management of the country. It is clear that Saakashvili in this situation would pretend to be the victim, and in the United States in particular, that Ukraine is now very unprofitable!” — said Rabinovich.


Another example of selective justice, the leader of the party “For Life” said the court’s decision to permit investigators of the Prosecutor General to detain ex-the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky in connection with the investigation of illegal construction of a helipad on Park road.

“We are at liberty go thousands of corrupt officials! They enjoy life and they are released abroad. But the authority each week shall report on high-profile searches in the offices. As a result, the budget gets only 300 thousand hryvnia. Where’s the rest? After all, helicopters and Mercedes spent millions,” — said Vadim Rabinovich.

The MP also said that the law enforcement system in Ukraine is in poor condition.

“Ukraine is moving towards a serious collapse of the law enforcement system. The head of the Department of special investigations of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk wrote a statement that Deputy attorney General Storozhuk violates the law. They themselves first need to understand that their Ministry takes place”, — said the MP.

Not paid attention to Vadim Rabinovich and the state of Affairs in the judicial system of Ukraine.

“The Pechersky district court decided to open Mr. Arbuzov access to millions of accounts. The judge opened a case, but he is now normal lives, bought a Bentley for 7.2 million hryvnia and said my car was a gift. There is such a level of arrogance, rudeness and disregard all laws”, — outraged MP.


“Now for sale over 2 400 enterprises of Ukraine. In a country where there is no money and not received the next tranche, exposed to dozens of privatization of strategic enterprises. This is a giant Scam, nobody in the world sells such objects in the belligerent country where they are bought up for pennies by those who have the money to do it. It is not privatization, and sanctioned plunder of our common wealth!” — said Vadim Rabinovich live program author on one of Ukrainian TV channels.

According to him, “put up for auction of mines, the grain Corporation, the airports of Boryspil and Lviv is planned to give a concession, “Turboatom” Illichivsk shipyard and even the Odessa Museum of the Navy also will go “under the hammer”.

“The number of objects for sale, such strategic ports as Illichevsk, and Mariupol. As well as, ponder, port October — is now the only port in Ukraine, where more can be based Navy. The number of enterprises, which sold out, the huge potential of our country — “Ukrvaktsina”, “disused”, “Azovmash” and so on. Trying to sell everything, and we are forced to all of it calmly!” — outraged the MP.

The parliamentarian noted that the sale of state property authority is not limited, and the transfer of the country under external management – the question is practically settled.

“Think about it, the autumn to appoint the Directors of state enterprises, we need to consult with international financial institutions. To what meanness and disrespect to the country you need to get to make these decisions! This is a direct transition into administration and the absolute contempt of the Ukrainian laws, which do not provide anything like that. Our salvation lies in the fortitude of people in our country and not somewhere abroad,” the MP said.

This critical situation of public Affairs, the parliamentarian, was the result of the activities of the so-called “reformers.”

“All of the “reforms” they ask for money abroad, saying that they needed “to war.” To make sacrifices, you have to feel that they have hope. But such actions carry nothing. The “reformers” did not promise anything in the future, they have no plan to bring the country out of crisis, recovery. The Treasury already has $ 11 billion next year to pay the foreign debt, and another 6 billion to pour in “PrivatBank” — they are this information people do not even speak. Why? Yes, because understand that they have to this time will not be!” — concluded the leader of the political party “For Life” Vadim Rabinovich.

Alexander Kalchenko