Turkey will start a new operation

After the plebiscite on April 16 Turkey has focused on nests of terrorists across borders. Before the operation, which President Erdogan calls a “continuation” operation “shield of the Euphrates”, the countdown has begun.

The training operation to be held in the three regions occupied Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), in Syria and Iraq, Turkey has come to the last stage. About the plan, intended to send to the trash the project corridor PKK / terrorists focused on the isolation of Turkey from the region continue diplomatic negotiations. The troops, which will operate in the direction of goals covering one region in Syria and two regions in Iraq, are in full readiness in Karkamis in the West and on the line Cizre — Silopi — Cukurca in the East. According to the obtained information of the operation “Shield of the Euphrates” and “Shield of the Tiger” can begin not at the same time. But they will be held in the framework of a certain plan and to be a continuation of each other with the aim of “cleansing of borders”.

We enter in Manbij

Since that time, the threat of attacks of the terrorist organization ISIL (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) the tomb of Suleyman Shah was moved from the village of Kara Kozak, associated with the area of Manbij in Syria, to the village of eşme, on the border with Turkey. Given the fact that ISIS was pushed out of the region, Ankara will begin another operation to transfer the tomb of Suleiman Shah in its place. It is expected to be the last stage of the three-phase operation and will start after the completion of diplomatic negotiations with the United States and Russia. It is assumed that the operation to sweep, to be held in the North of Syria and Iraq, along the southern borders of Turkey, will take from 12 to 16 days. Now the planning of logistics and supply lines in respective regions, as well as navigation and intelligence support.

In the future, Zap — Avashin

Sources in the security authorities in Ankara say that after the forces of the Turkish armed forces, located in Silopi, operations in respect of Sinjar, the troops that are in areas of Hakkari — Cukurca, hit terrorist camps in the South. In this regard, in the second stage of the operation target will be regions of Zap, Avasin, Cemco and Kanimasi. From terrorists will be cleared the region, thanks to which PKK receives substantial income from smuggling activities and drug trafficking. Sources of income of the organization, exploited the administrative vacuum in Northern Iraq will be cut off. After the devastation of nests of terrorists in these areas, the task of ensuring security in the region will be charged including Peshmerga forces, subordinate to the Kurdish regional administration in Iraq.

The first address — Sinjar

Sinjar (Shengal), where the terrorist organization PKK in Northern Iraq tried to create a “second Kandil” (the base of the PKK in Iraqi Kurdistan — approx. TRANS.), the first objective of the Turkish armed forces. Sangarski mountains, providing the link between the cantons in Northern Syria (which the organization refers to the name “Rozhava”) and Qandil on the Iranian-Iraqi border, will be cleaned from terrorists during the operation in the direction to the South of Silopi. The PKK, which in August 2014 with the support of the United States located in Sinjar, under the guise of “defence Units of Sinhala” under the pretext of occupation of the region of residence of Yazidis ISIS has not left these areas, despite all the warnings. Ankara has repeatedly warned the Baghdad government about the need to clear Sinjar of the PKK, but Baghdad has not made any step against terrorist organizations against which the act and Yazidis.

Thanks to measures taken on the Syrian border and physical border security, there has been considerable success in preventing illegal border crossing and smuggling.

The terrorists paid by Baghdad

The Iraqi Central government, which does not hold data Ankara promises about the situation in Sinjar, not only cleared the region from the PKK, but also dressed the terrorists in legal armor, having enlisted them on the payroll. The PKK’s presence in Sangarski the mountains, according to Iraqi law, has the same status as the presence of the Shiite militia “Hasdi Shabi”. The Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi, which allows Iranian-backed Shiite militants literally everything in the region, has provided similar opportunities for members of the PKK. In addition, the Baghdad government remained deaf to the calls of the Kurdish deputies, who are collecting signatures demanding the cessation of payments to members of the PKK from the Iraqi budget, do not want the United Nations presence in Sinjar and directed parliamentary inquiries to the government.

To conduct cross-border operations of the Turkish armed forces in several months to transfer troops in Silopi. Order to start operation against terrorist targets waiting for thousands of armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers and tanks. Thanks to the operation in Sinjar, which is expected to also include a direction to Approach Duhok often occur in the agenda in connection with the camps of the PKK, Yazidi area will be cleared of the PKK forces and the control will be transferred to local residents. Sangarski in the mountains and around them is many used by the PKK camps.