The conversation Putin and trump revived the war in the Donbass – MEP

Member of European Parliament Anna Maria Corazza Bildt said that the European Union faces a choice between war with Russia and protect Ukraine. She stated this at the expert discussion on Ukraine in the European Parliament.

Bildt noted that in discussing the reforms and achievements of Ukraine, it is impossible to lose sight of the war that is now in Ukraine.

“It is impossible to talk about the Association without having to not to talk about a new relationship between Putin and trump, she explained. – We have three years to have a war in the center of Europe suddenly, after a telephone conversation Putin and trump, the war revived”.

The MEP urged their colleagues from European institutions to maintain a clear line of defence of Ukraine in the conflict: “I hope we will be able to take a clear position, and it does not mean a Declaration of war on Putin or Russia. It only means to stand up for Ukraine.”

“We should be very clear to maintain sanctions,” she added.

Note that Anna Maria Corazza Bildt is the wife of the former Prime Minister and foreign Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt.

Earlier the Minister of foreign Affairs of Estonia Sven Mixer stated that the decision of the Ukrainian crisis can not be put in dependence on the solution of other international problems, is a separate issue.

“It is impossible to link with other problems. What is the problem? There were statements that it would be possible to link the issue of Ukraine with the participation of Russia in the fight against international terrorism or nuclear issues,” – said the head of Estonian foreign Ministry.