The new Finnish law on the conduct of intelligence activities

Under the development of the law on military intelligence Finland will provide the country an opportunity to gain access to the information flow coming from Russia. In geographical terms, Finland is located at the nodal point through which information flows to Russia, Estonia, Sweden and Germany.

Intelligence chief of the defence forces of Finland Harri Ohra-Aho (Harri Ohra-aho) emphasizes that the Internet is designed so that information can go on any channel. However, he agreed that the new law will significantly improve the position of military intelligence.

“In this respect Finland is really at the point where West meets East. It is obvious that through us flow of information from the point of view of national security is important”.

Intelligence cooperation is largely dependent on the exchange of information. Since Finland was no law authorizing conduct of intelligence activities, she has virtually no opportunity to exchange information.

Ohra-Aho drew attention to the fact that decisions are made in the interests of Finland. However, according to him, there are situations in which the interests can be shared.

“We always make decisions in the national interest. We have no obligations. But if we have a shared object, we could cooperate. But the benefits of this should be bilateral,” says Ohra-Aho.

“In the first place should be the national interest of Finland. We should not be improvised, no one,” — emphasizes Ohra-Aho.

When the exploration is conducted in Finland, it is required to obtain permission from the judiciary. Such permits would give the courts of first instance in Helsinki.

To conduct foreign operations, which in practice means the introduction of information systems does not require the decision of the court because they have no power outside of Finland. The decision is in the hands of the intelligence services, namely the security Police of Finland or of the heads of military intelligence. Decisions about controversial in international policy objects should be discussed and with other services.