Military service Ukrainians will make in a single register without their consent

Today, 20 April, entered into force the law on the establishment of a Unified register of conscripts. Access to it will have the defense Ministry and the General staff.

This was reported in the newspaper of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “Voice of Ukraine”.

All conscripts from 18 to 60 years will bring to the electronic registry with a single centralized database.

The questionnaire will contain information on place of residence, passport data, data on the work number tax payer and photo. Will mark the data on exit and entry to the territory of Ukraine.

This consent of the eligible men to the processing of their data is not necessary.

Earlier it was reported that only in the spring conscription to serve in the AFU and the national guard under plan to send 1200 conscripts. For the first time this year, the guys not going to the border — there is fully staffed with contract soldiers. The next three months the recruits will spend training in parts of the Kiev, Chernigov and Poltava regions.