In Ukraine are going to change the penalty for child labor

Before the new school year MPs concerned about the violation of the rights of Ukrainian children in terms of exploitation of their labour. A group of people’s deputies registered in the Verkhovna Rada a draft law, which propose to radically change the existing rules of the Criminal code, writes UBR.

The key problem of the current legislation to ban forced child labour MPs called determining the age limit. The criminal code of Ukraine in its current wording prohibits exploiting children up to the age at which employment is allowed. According to the initiators of the draft law Ukrainian labor law “floats” in this matter and no specific age limits. The problem I propose to solve radically. If the document is adopted, exploitation of underage workers (under 18) is illegal.

To punish the exploiters lawmakers offer different. If now for the use of child labor the guilty faces arrest for a period up to 6 months or imprisonment for up to 3 years. The bill proposes to add to the existing options, the fine from 500 to 1000 NMG (8.5 to 17 thousand UAH).

But the main change relates to the list of defendants in operation. the Current version of the criminal code does not discriminate against subjects of the crime. The law care who it used child labour. The punishment is enhanced only in the case when the operation was exposed to several children, or work harm to health of the child.


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The new document also proposes to significantly strengthen the responsibility of “father, mother, guardian, other family member, and employee of educational, educational or medical institution” for the use of child labour. These categories offer the guilty with imprisonment for the term from 3 to 5 years.

The same term “light” and officials who exploit the labor of children, using his official position. However, if you are negligent with the “Trudoviks”, collecting children’s hands stools for sale, everything is obvious. The how to deal with parents who exploit the labor of their own children almost every day. Because the project does not involve any “extenuating” circumstances for parents. And does not specify the criteria of “exploitation”. It turns out that behind bars to please even the over washed the child through no will of his dishes.

Penalties look hard enough: how the new rules and the previously existing liability. At the same time lawyers claim that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies completely indifferent to the labor workload of children.


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“In all my legal practice and for all time as a detective officer in the police have not seen not a single case instituted per adult for forcing the little man to work. What did the departments of the adult is the involvement of children in justice for crimes, the same theft, for example. No one is worried about the labor service. Neither law enforcement nor social protection under the starvation condition,” — said managing partner of law firm “Mozhaev and partners” Michael Mozhaev.

The lawyer added that in the Western countries to protect the rights of children not only attract the services of social protection, which do protect the rights of children, but also society as a whole. “In the U.S., neighbors often report on the violation of children’s rights. And parents face strict liability. There for a slap in the face can almost deprived of parental rights. And we have even elementary do not do,” said Church.

For beggars will have to serve

The project also calls for a radical strengthening of responsibility for children’s begging and involvement of children in criminal activities. For attraction of the child to such activities to the organizer faces a prison term of 3 to 7 years (now to 3 years of restriction or imprisonment).

If such activities are found the child’s parents or employees of institutions responsible for education (schools, kindergartens, boarding schools, etc.), they will have to forget about freedom for a period from 5 to 10 years.

But especially severe the bill to use in the begging of newborns (children under 1 year). The perpetrators of such crimes to offer to send in jail for a period of 8 to 15 years. While the existing provisions of the criminal code do not share beggars by age.