About Syria, about the problem

From the time of the prophet… Syria is Arabic language\From the time of Muawiyah, Hisham and Marwan to the days of Hafez al-Assad\ Since the battle of Badr before the battle of mount Hermon \ Levant have always said in Arabic and the language has always contributed to the formation of\the main handicraft of Damascus — is the pure Arabic language…. (colloquial translation of a poem by Syrian poet Nizar qabbani — approx. ed.)


These are the words of the Creator, the Syrian poet Nizar qabbani about Syria, his homeland. Words that confirm that on this earth they say in Arabic. Syria speaks Arabic, but, unfortunately, she says with deaf people who cannot hear, and you will not be able to understand her words!

Does the Syrian President the right to kill their people every day, subjecting them to humiliation and forcing them to flee on the grounds that it protects the earth? And the world does not show to it any claims.

Whether America should intervene to resolve the conflict, if it is the largest party in the conflict and the first to benefit from the collapse of Syria?

Whether Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani to threaten a response to any U.S. attack, claiming that they support the Arab country, whose people do not have the right to decide the fate of their homeland?

Similar questions thousands and no one has the answer.

All parties continue to fight on the ground where Jasmine blossoms… And still the only winner remains the Zionist entity, which is hiding in tel Aviv, watching and smiling waiting for the right moment to pounce on your prey, devour it and enjoy the best of what she has! Still…

During the first ten years of the reign of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, he was an ally of the United States, receiving full military and political support during the war with Iran. He’s got biological and chemical weapons that were used against the Iranians, had received military financial assistance for the destruction of Kurds with chemical gas in 1988. Thus, the US initially supported Saddam Hussein, and then did not miss the opportunity to overthrow him after Hussein began to spiral out of control and no longer serve their interests. The U.S. government subsequently used in all the crimes committed by Saddam Hussein with their consent and their support, to turn public opinion against Iraq.

Crime in imposing economic conditions that destroyed the Iraqi people, was not limited. Then began a new offence of economic and political fragmentation of Iraq. The US invasion was under the pretext that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction that threaten America’s security. When it became clear that Saddam Hussein had nothing like this and was not associated with “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), the argument changed. Saddam Hussein was a dictator-a tyrant who would overthrow him to free the Iraqi people from his oppression.

The reasons are endless, but the final one, Iraq doesn’t exist. The time has come for Syria and chemical weapons has begun again. America continues to turn its hurdy-gurdy, but this knob turns the trump, and not George Bush. Bush, who, showing off, declared the US invasion of Iraq “a great achievement”!

As is usually the case in the Arab world, the Syrian people divided into two sides. The first is in favour of Bashar Assad and consider him a wise man who protects the land that does not fall into the hands of enemies. The second side sees it as a tough dictator who is his father. They accuse him of killing children with gas… the First party swears that the chemical weapons in the hands of the opposition, to which it got with the help of the West.

Between truth and fiction, between the allowed and the forbidden, between bombardment and ceasefire. Syria’s children wander, looking through the eyes of their loved ones among the debris. Parents looking for the bodies of their children under the rubble. Wandering women in black, beating their cheeks (in the Arab world at a moment of great grief and sorrow of Arab women hit myself in the face, hold the nails on the cheeks — approx. TRANS.) searching the ruins of houses. They are crying and go back to the sounds of exploding bombs…

America continues to act in the interests of the Zionist state… Britain is in the same boat. Russia is fighting for world hegemony. Iran continues to remain loyal to Russia, seeking to play a greater role. And the Arabs continue to flush your money on trendy new clothes and sushi, and sitting in the morning on the seashore looking at the headlines of Newspapers, denouncing what is happening.

Syria has been on the agenda of all Arab summits. Israel still waits, when will come his time, and the dream of possessions from the Nile to the Euphrates will become a reality.

The truth is that what is happening on the Syrian land can no longer be interpreted and understood by anyone due to the presence of the political backstage. But the worst part is that the price of war is human life.