Fitness trainer doused with beer too revealing dress at her friend’s wedding

Fitness trainer and blogger from Minneapolis, 31-year-old Liz Krueger said she was attacked at her friend’s wedding because of the fact that came to the event in a mini dress and showed her trim figure.


“If I only knew that by choosing this dress for a wedding in 33-degree heat, I become a target for attacks, and by women. Many were openly rude, some, seeing that I came alone, even slapped me on the ass,” Liz shared in his Instagram. At the end of the “holiday” zavistnitsy poured Krueger beer.


However, rather than act with aggression in response, the coach turned to his obedecem in social networks, and also encouraged other girls to talk openly about any bullying, Recalling that bullying does not only take place in schools and it must be fought.

“Let this be a lesson to all. Your actions have consequences. People deserve respect, regardless of what they wear. When such things happen to you, you have the right to talk about them, even if you claim otherwise. Don’t be afraid to stand up for themselves,” wrote Liz on his page in Facebook.


In addition, Krueger launched the hashtag #KruegerKindness to all who have suffered any kind of attack, could speak.


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