Trump Putin: “don’t mess with me!”

The situation came to a boiling point. Multiplying the tests and evaluation. A large variety of speculation about the development of military and political process in Syria after the U.S. attack on the air base, “Sirat”, the value of this impact and the possible danger that he has in himself.

A careful reading of the data and analysis of internal processes, you can lock the following observations.

First, the US strike was preceded by a sort of test the reaction of U.S. President Donald trump on the use of sarin in Khan Sheyhun. Based on his reaction, Russia is building its new policy, whether in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Ukraine.

Second, militarily trump responded quickly, sending messages to multiple destinations: Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime. The promise was: “I’m not Obama, do not try my patience, neither about Syria nor in other matters. The use of chemical weapons is a red line, and today we will not allow anyone crossed her. You have to respect our red lines, otherwise you will have to pay the price, and it will be very high”.

Thirdly, trump regained confidence in American politics and has raised the prestige of the United States after Obama gave in to Russian and Iran in the middle East.

Fourth, trump sent a tough message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, making it clear that Moscow is responsible for failure to fulfill its obligations, according to which the Syrian regime had to destroy chemical weapons in 2013. Washington will not re-identify the person responsible for the release of toxic gases and to send international observers to Syria, as did Obama. If the red line is crossed, a Russian veto in the Security Council will not prevent the decisions of the United States.

Fifth, the American attack on the air base, “Shirt” was the only thing that confirms the fact that the US administration does not want to overthrow the Syrian regime or to break the balance of military forces on the ground. Accordingly there is no justification for a wider war or even confrontation between Russia and the United States in Syria, despite the fact that the Russian side is on alert and the U.S.-Russia Memorandum on the safety of flights in the skies of Syria have suspended their action.

Sixth, after applying the US strike, it became clear that the game has changed, not only in Syria but abroad. With the arrival of trump, everything was different. Now Putin is not the only person who knows the situation and has the geopolitical freedom of movement, more than he has no room to maneuver militarily.

And whoever it was he who sent the new U.S. administration’s message with the use of sarin gas, trump responded to this post 59 other — missiles “Tomahawk”.