The Cabinet intends to present a draft pension reform in the Parliament until may 16 – Reva

The Minister of social policy Andrei Reva declares the intention of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to submit the draft pension reform to the Verkhovna Rada until may 16.

“We should all count, can’t be rushed. Serious work experts, economists, from the Ministry of economy, Ministry of Finance, as well as from the IMF. Until may 16, we need to introduce the relevant bill in the Verkhovna Rada”, – told the Minister in interview to the edition “Mirror of week”, answering the question about the timing of the pension reform. However, he noted that considers pension reform to be key for the country.

According to the Minister, to Finance the increase in pensions and implementation of the reform plan with the additional revenues of the Pension Fund, fixing its deficit at the current level.

As reported, the next plenary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada is scheduled for may 16.

Earlier, Reva said that the increase of pensions from 1 October will cost an additional 11-12 billion, which is planned to be financed by increasing income of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.