Dollar in Ukraine has returned to new year rate

Today, January 26, the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has established such rates of major foreign currencies against the local currency.

1 US dollar to 27.2 UAH;
1 Euro – 29,22 UAH;
10 Russian rubles – UAH of 4.59.

Thus, the dollar, compared to yesterday’s values fell by 3 kopecks, returning to levels two weeks ago. The dollar fell for six straight days.

The Euro fell 4 cents. The Russian ruble, as before, remained virtually unchanged.

Recall, January 25 at the interbank foreign exchange market, the dollar fell to 1 – 3 pennies. Bidding closed quotations of 27.21 – 27,24 UAH. Today’s auction has not started yet.

Experts say that the decline of the dollar was expected, but do not rule out a new increase in February.

Earlier, the NBU Council said the reasons for the collapse of the hryvnia. The NBU explained that the demand for foreign currency exceeds the supply under the influence of situational factors. And the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman assured that the devaluation of the hryvnia is seasonal.

Economists cite several reasons for the fall of the hryvnia: the demand for commodities decreases, the Ukrainians earn less at the expense of exports, in addition, dollars have to be spent on the purchase of energy resources and the repayment of loans. According to experts, the rate stabiliziruemost after Feb.

  • In 2017, Ukraine’s Finance Ministry expects a rate of 27.2 UAH/USD. The head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva considers budgeted-2017 the dollar is realistic.
  • For 2015 , the hryvnia depreciated by half, and for 2016 , the hryvnia depreciated by 12.9%, entering the TOP 3 of the weakest currencies of the CIS;
  • According to the “big Mac index” , the dollar in Ukraine has to cost a little more than 8 UAH;
  • The historical maximum the official rate of the dollar – 30.01 UAH/USD. – was made in Feb 2015.