How to make waist thinner: important tips for young mothers

To regain shape after the birth of a child is every woman’s dream. But, unfortunately, not always this can be achieved in ways that worked earlier.

How to make the waist thinner without harm to the body, says fitness trainer and a young mother Anita Lutsenko. In Instagram she answered the question his subscribers will and told what exercises to perform.

“Yes, indeed, after pregnancy belly and waist become wider and it will not help swing the press! In another case, the opposite! You need to focus on stretching the field laterally, the back and belly,” advises Anita and tells how to make them right.

1. Inclinations in the parties with the emphasis on stretching the sides, not reduction! Perfectly with delay and extension for 30-60 seconds.
2. Swimming – that is swimming, not Aqua-aerobics.
3. Pilates will lengthen all the short places and belly will be the place where will return.
4. Surya morning great stretches you from all sides if you do everything correctly and slowly.
5. Hanging on the bar, feeling how stretched hips, stomach, back.
6. Bailey dance is also an option! (belly dance)
7. Hall is replaced by the time yoga! The effect will be more! As the more shake, the more expanding waistline!