Answer Chechen cruelty global uprising against homophobia

Persecutors of homosexuals in Chechnya today I feel strong, untouchable, invincible. Their victims, whom they were arrested, beaten and tortured, powerless in front of them. The bandits are under reliable protection: protective melkotravchatomu tyrants ruling this Republic, which was brutally pacified Putin; they condone the den of reactionaries, which is the Kremlin regime; they tacitly accepts and even supports steeped in homophobic hate society.

Remorse they do not suffer. Very convenient and comfortable to think that the people committing atrocities against their countrymen, it is sociopaths and evil incarnate. But this is impossible to explain the terrible horrors of human history, starting from fascism to colonialism. Inhumanity becomes possible only when the group loses humanity. After all, empathy is possible only to those who, like yourself, is a man. So people who are in a different setting, experiencing compassion, warm feelings and love, you become capable of the most terrible atrocities.

But no matter how strong or felt the Chechen persecutor, history will curse them and unequivocally side with those they tortured. Now it is hardly any consolation to the people subjected to beatings and torture. The loneliness that I feel many of them, is absolute. When you hate government, family, friends, disappear every last shred of hope.

Tales of torture, mass arrests and even concentration camps should cause terror. But now is not the time to groan and moan, and heard another terrible news. Though Chechnya would be a turning point. Let these events will be an occasion for the greatest in the history of international solidarity with people from the LGBT community. Let the atrocities they are doing against the villains begging for mercy gay, will be the impetus for the creation of the global movement for the eradication of hatred towards the LGBT community.

Yes, Chechnya is a very conservative society, where institutionalized bigotry, the reactionary Islamism. But no matter how terrible the cruelty in this Russian Republic, homophobia grows everywhere from one place. First of all, this prescription of what it means to be a man. Homosexuality is considered to be one of the worst vices, corrupting masculine. Chechen pursuers without hesitation break the bones of gay people because they are a deadly threat to their own masculinity. For this reason, homophobia is inextricably linked with the subjugation of women. In Chechnya, as elsewhere in the world, the struggle for LGBT rights will achieve its goal only with the liberation of women.

The Chechen regime has the audacity to say that in Chechnya there are gay. It reminds me of another tyrant, Robert Mugabe, who in 2015, proclaimed from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly: “We are not gay!” Homosexuality is imported from the West, he argued. This is a ridiculous statement, given that homophobia in Africa and India are closely connected with the conservatism of the Victorian society, brought there by colonists.

In any case, I can assure the Chechen regime that the Republic live and suffer thousands of LGBT people. They, like everyone else, want to love, want they were not pursued. And they will win, how many people would be neither tortured nor arrested nor killed by the homophobes.

It is necessary to exert pressure on the Russian regime. Immediately we need a global wave of protest with many requirements: from the cessation of persecution in Chechnya before taking our country to refugees seeking to escape these horrors. Victims in Chechnya should know that they are not alone, that millions of people with traditional and other orientation are determined to put an end to their suffering, and that they will create a movement to achieve these goals.

But homophobic persecution are not only in Chechnya. Staunch allies of the West such as Saudi Arabia, tortured, thrown in jail and execute gays. Homosexuality is considered punishable by the death penalty crime in many countries, from Nigeria to Qatar, which in 2022 to host the world Cup world Cup. And let’s not forget that the championship of 2018 will pass in Russia.

Egyptian police were luring gay men into a trap with ads about Dating. In any country if you are gay, you are still in varying degrees, are treated as a person inferior. This is manifested in social ostracism, as in criminal prosecutions. So let the suffering of the Chechen gays will boomerang back against the oppressors, may they motivate us to unite against all forms of homophobia anywhere.

Imagine what kind of service can provide the Chechen bigots, charging energy movement, decided to rid society of hatred for the LGBT community. Unlike homosexuality, homophobia is not innate and acquired tendency. So can get rid of it. No matter how strong and victorious nor feel torturers and murderers, they still lose. And to achieve this we can and should with you.