Country (Ukraine): Russia is the world’s first registered vaccine for coronavirus. It experienced Putin’s daughter

“As far as I know, this morning was the first time in the world was the vaccine against the new coronavirus infection,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, August 11, at a meeting with members of the government.

Putin also said that it works quite effectively, form a stable immunity and passed all the necessary tests.

Putin also said that one of his daughters had experienced the first Russian vaccine against coronavirus.

“One of my daughters made themselves such a vaccine. In this sense, she participated in the experiment. After the first vaccination temperature she was 38, the next day 37, and all,” he said.

And according to the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko, a vaccine for the coronavirus is developed on the famous platform, which is based on six vaccines. She will be the center of “Gamal” and the company Binnopharm.

Also clarifies that the first vaccine will receive the Russian medics (they will instill in late August or early September) and teachers. In mass circulation it needs to go from 1 January 2021.

Recall recently who admitted that an effective vaccine against the coronavirus may not ever be.

We also wrote that the richest country in the world ready to buy 1.3 billion doses of vaccines against coronavirus.