The materialization of thought – truth or myth

The beginning of the 20th century was marked by the emergence of a new science. With a light application of max Planck, the world witnessed the birth of quantum mechanics. And in 1905, albert Einstein put forward the hypothesis that light consists of quanta (or photons) to discrete portions of energy. Later, the discovery of the photoelectric effect Einstein was awarded the Nobel prize, writes

It just so happened that scientific progress is not possible without refutation of previous views and principles. When science has learned about atoms, scientists believed that is an indivisible particles, and refuted any objections on this score. However, later it became known that electrons, protons, neutrons and many other elementary particles, which make up the atom.

Physics or mysticism?

And now the scientific world is full of contradictions. For half a century, as scientists try to unravel the nature of human thought. In the 90-ies of the last century, American psychotherapist, Ph. D. Steven H. Wolinski patented a new direction in psychology – “quantum psychology”.

The main idea of quantum psychology is that our minds and the material world are paired and cannot be considered as separate components. This is the conclusion scientist came after detailed examination of the nature of elementary particles. It turns out that the electrons with protons also consist of tiny particles – quanta and quarks, combines wave and energetic nature.

Thus, the adherents of quantum psychology note that the person’s reality depends on the state of the nervous system. In many ways, the life of a person depends on how the brain is able to interpret external signals which can be analyzed.

As weighed and photographed the idea

In order to understand whether the idea a lot, the scientists decided on a rather controversial experiment. The subject laid on the bed, which was at the same time and precise weights. In the experiment, it was found that in the process of intense visualization (when human to the smallest detail is things and phenomena) the human body has increased in mass by a tiny fraction of a gram. On the contrary, in the trance state, weight decreased.

And some American laboratories have learned how to photograph thought. Scientists have determined that every thought has its shape and color. Bad thoughts have dark colors and ugly shapes, and positive thoughts are painted in bright colours and have a beautiful and proportionate shapes.

Here Parallels can be drawn with the famous experiment Japanese scientist Massaro Yamato. With a bottle of water, a scientist put a piece of paper with different words. Then the water was frozen to study the ice crystals. Under the microscope, scientists have discovered that the most beautiful are the crystals from the bottle labeled “happiness.” And the irregular shapes were crystals with the words “Hitler”.

As he explains, the title, as letters, plays no role. The important thing is what kind of thoughts people emit when writing certain words.

A bracelet that improves life

So, having familiarized with the basic principles and postulates of quantum psychology, you can make a simple conclusion: we are the way we think. Our lives we can call a kind of projection of our consciousness: how we think and live. If we are always going to complain, be angry and reject such negative thoughts, then the space surrounding us will gradually accumulate negative energy (in other words – the virtual energy quanta).

The priest will Bowen invited all to change their lives for the better with a simple purple bracelet. You should wear the jewelry and wear it exactly 21 days. However, these days you can not complain, gossip, get angry and show displeasure. As soon as you break the rules, then the bracelet must be worn on the other arm and again to wear for 21 days. And so until then while you will not exactly 21 day without negative thoughts.