Train robbery in Oakland that slept reporters

News of the day about crime — it’s not the most glorious job in journalism, but she’s the lightest. You just have to jump in the editor, take a portable scanner, then have Breakfast, go to the police station to ask a couple of questions, check the log police record, to have lunch and to scribble a few paragraphs about the accident, then you can safely finish the work and go with his colleagues at the evening libation.

But we must not forget about one thing. You need to constantly listen to the scanner configuration on police frequencies.

Its a horror story every newspaper. The first time when I was on duty in the editorial office in Colorado springs in anticipation of crime news, I told the story about the reporter of the day who decided to turn off my scanner when I played basketball.

The next day the owner of the newspaper wanted to know how it the edition managed to miss a train wreck in the centre of the city, which became the largest in its history.

Maybe that’s why no reporter in San Francisco have not heard on his scanner the police scanner on Saturday evening at 9: 30 a.m., when 60 black people were attacked on the high-speed train company BART, where they began to plunder, beat and threaten the passengers. All this time they laughed — laughed non-stop.

The thing is that for 36 hours after this incident, the media has not mentioned a word about it.

The San Francisco Chronicle began doling out the details on Monday morning:

… according to eyewitnesses, from 40 to 60 teenagers ran to the station, jumped the turnstiles and ran onto the platform. Some of the robbers apparently kept the doors going to the Dublin train, and the rest of the way in and began to frighten, Rob, and in some cases to beat passengers.

According to the police statement made after the incident, the minor “has committed many robberies with force, taking bags and cell phones.” “At least two people received head injuries, and they needed medical help.”

A press-the Secretary of transportation to Bay Area Rapid Transit Alicia Trost (Alicia Trost) said Monday that total committed seven robberies. The victim lost a purse, a backpack and five phones. Six was robbed in the car and seven people on the platform.

No reporter from dozens of media who reported on the attack, did not mention the main distinctive feature of this crime: all the Teens were black. Talking about this hundreds of law enforcement officers from the Bay area of San Francisco.

Attacking the train, the black mob retreated to his district of East Oakland. Well, the one that many media called “the basis of African-American life and culture in Auckland”.

This is the area that black activists want to save from the reconstruction — because it stayed one of the founders of the black Panther Party Huey Newton (Huey Newton).

I believe the majority of reporters showed awareness and did not ask for the video of the attack, for which they must pay tribute. Why? Last year it turned out that most of the cameras in the subway BART is a dummy. The company management is thinking, it is necessary or not to change them for real camera.

Fake camera. Fake news. All gathered in one pile.

Even the most cursory look at the criminal chronicle, and the news will show you what I know every one of the inhabitants of the area: BART trains is a hotbed of black violence on wheels and place the denial of the authorities.

Two years ago, local media were full of reports of racism, when he heard the news that the BART Watch app through which passengers can report such crimes, it’s actually a tool for advertising of white racism. Why? Because most of the complaints about crimes on trains BART mentioned that the criminals are black.

Among the passengers black 10%. And complaints on crimes that blacks are 70% of their total number, which corresponds to the rates of crime among them.

Newspaper the East Bay Express went ahead of everyone in his outrage over such obvious racial bias:

These data show that passengers accused BART of blacks in committing the alleged crimes and actions which are not crimes in percentage terms far more often than members of other racial and ethnic groups, and that this also affects people who are considered homeless due to the fact that they often sleep on the trains, smell and do things that are not related to violations.

Representatives of the transport police told the East Bay Express that this app is a valuable tool, but human rights activists say that it is used by passengers is a concern.

“Society colluded in an attempt to push these people by the wayside, — said the Executive Director of the human rights Center Ella Baker Zachary Norris (Zachary Norris). — In this application we see the criminalization of poverty connected to racial discrimination.”

As for the allegations that the crime for blacks is disproportionately high, so it’s just not true. After all, everyone knows how a lot of police in black neighborhoods, and how tough she acts. And this generates more crime. What we wanted to prove.

The San Francisco Chronicle who loves stories about white racism against blacks, censors comments on his Bulletin Board, where local people stating the obvious: metro BART big problem, because its a wave of violence and crime of blacks. This is not what tells us the film “Station “Mutual”” in which white cops are racists unjustly kill blacks on trains in Auckland.

But there are other comments with explanations of violence that can only be welcomed. “Seriously, this is what happens when a significant portion of the population is suddenly unable to provide for themselves — he wrote one criminologist Amateur, some in San Francisco millions. — Until we solve this problem, crime will not disappear”.

Others accuse trump: “This is the world of the trump… the Enormous disparity between rich and poor has created this mess”.

And who knows what the real cause of crime is not black robbers, who feel so comfortable and freely on the subway. No fault of the passengers (mostly white). Why take the train valuables and wallets? Reckless passengers is not the fault of BART.

If these guys learn to play basketball, they will be a great reporter of the criminal chronicle in Auckland.

Colin Flaherty — author of the bestseller “don’t anger the black youth” (Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry).