What foods lead to diabetes: the Singapore scientists said

Actively consume red meat, people are 23% more likely to have type II diabetes compared to those who consume the least amount of this product. Frequent absorption of chicken increases the risk of diabetes by 15%, and fish or other seafood danger of diabetes do not improve, according to newsyou.info.

The authors of this study, red meat and chicken increase the risk of type II diabetes because they contain iron-rich components as well as other chemicals that increase the vulnerability of the person before diabetes. Such conclusions researchers from Duke–NUS Medical School in Singapore was made based on the analysis of the data for 63 of 257 adults aged 45 to 74 years. Monitoring lasted for 5 years.

According to the researchers, the main danger in the meat for human health is a component of the heme. However, it is still unclear how the gem affects the development of diabetes. The use of fragments of the chicken with the low content of heme like Breasts can be more healthy, scientists believe. They stress that to completely abandon eating meat should not be, we just need to reduce his daily intake. This is especially true of red meat. In addition, we should not forget about vegetable sources of protein and dairy products, which reduce the risk of diabetes.


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Previously, researchers from Brigham Young University in the USA found that chocolate can prevent diabetes. In cocoa contains epicatechin monomers, which increase insulin production of specific cells. These components also reduced the level of obesity and increasing the ability of participating in research animals better tolerate elevated blood sugar levels.