Hasidim in Uman will meet 200 cows and diver

Two weeks later, the population of Uman in Cherkasy region will double. There in the night from 20 to 21 September from all over the world will gather 40 thousand Hasidim (Orthodox Jews) to the traditional celebration at the grave of his righteous Nachman Jewish New year — Rosh Hashanah. As told “Today” the Deputy head of the Cherkasy allpolicies Victor Ivanko, a number of pilgrims, a record. “Every year the number of Hasidim is increased by 3-5 thousand,” says Ivanko.

Because of this influx of visitors, the police sent to patrol the streets of Uman 500 cops, including the new division — tactical police (to help them arrive 16 cops from Israel), in addition, the city will be equipped with several of the posts, which will be on duty around hundreds of rescuers with the equipment. As we were told in gschs, the rescue, the rescuers will provide even divers who will be on duty near the pond, where the Hasidim come to bath.

This time on the eve of the arrival of the pilgrims authorities sounded the alarm and demanded that the police deal with the drug dealers and international criminals who, according to them, settled in Uman. “There is information that in the territory, which is visited by pilgrims, thriving international drug trafficking. Wish this information was verified. Such facts are familiar to every umanjeni” — said recently at a briefing by the mayor of Uman Alexander Zebre. He added: “for anybody not news that in Uman, and some international criminals who are wanted by law enforcement authorities of Israel and the United States.”

Police in Cherkasy region on all these statements of the mayor retorted that of crime fighting. “Now in Uman there is the criminals who are wanted internationally. As for drug trafficking, and last year detained citizens who did drugs, and just a few days ago was such detention. Drug crimes are, but we are fighting them and are ready to ensure order and security in the city”, — told us the Victor Ivanko.

One of the Russian pilgrims, David, told “Today” that in recent years, according to his observations, there have been increased threats from radicals. But that’s not stopping him or others. “It is believed that if you come for New year to the grave of Nachman, he can then pull you from the fire of hell,” says David.

Local resident and former official Peter Payevsky said that with the amount of 30 thousand pilgrims last holiday week was bought from the local meat processing plants meat 150 cows. “Obviously, this time for 40 thousand people will purchase meat 200 cows,” says paevskiy.

The locals, unfortunately we were told that over the past three years, the pilgrims have become more tight-fisted. “Until 2014, before the dollar rebounded, many of us were sold to pilgrims at natural markets vegetables at the space prices. For example, a kilo of potatoes requested $1, $2 took a kilo of apples and tomatoes, which until their arrival had cost a couple of hryvnia. But now the Hasidim became something more pragmatic — not too lazy to go to distant urban markets to buy cheaper products,” complaining about the Uman citizens.

Traditionally, thousands of pilgrims during the celebration rent houses in Uman. The richer pilgrims, the closer to the grave of Nachman he tries to rent an apartment. For example, in high-rise buildings adjacent to the grave of the righteous, for a week-long stay, the owners now start from $1500 to $2000 per week. Near the grave of housing is already almost there. “They would huddle in their garages or with relatives, or they rent an apartment in another district of Uman. A week-long stay there can cost 1500 UAH”, — told us the Uman realtors.