The “big seven” does not isolate Putin

In Lucca, there is again a split of the “Big seven”. “Hawks” are provoking a clash of opinions, which does not lead to anything good. On the eve of the summit discussed the possibility of imposing new sanctions against Bashar al-Assad and the Russian military involved in the conflict in Syria.

Britain and the United States insisted on this decision. However, common sense prevailed, and a new confrontation with Bashar al-Assad managed to escape. In the case of the Syrian President’s position is becoming more apparent. Paris and Washington led a group of those who advocate the overthrow of Assad.

The beginning of a dialogue with Russia creates preconditions for the end of the war that caused the total loss value of more than 10 billion in the export of Italian products. While in Grosseto took place a meeting of foreign Ministers of the countries “Big seven”, the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella (Sergio Mattarella) went on a mission to Moscow. This step actually helps to relieve tension in relations between the Kremlin and Rome and will be the beginning of a hard road to recovery. After two years and eight months after the introduction of Russia in response to American and European sanctions, a total embargo on the import of major agricultural products, the “Big seven” refused (and did it at lightning speed) from the introduction of new sanctions against Russia, despite the fact that the day before they loudly insisted the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson). The United States have actively encouraged this position. “This is not a legislative body,” said April 11 the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Italy Angelino Alfano (Angelino Alfano).

“Russia cannot be isolated, said Alfano at a press conference. On the contrary, within the existing possibilities should be involved in the process of political transformation of Syria.” In this area after extended meetings with the Gulf countries and Turkey the “Big seven” intend to take “productive unanimous decision.” Including due to the fact that Russia plays a key role in the fight against Islamic fundamentalism and the war with the Caliphate.

“Everyone expressed their own opinions, — strongly supported by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy. But, in my opinion, must prevail line of Russia’s involvement for the development of substantive cooperation in which we can avoid a military conflict and launch a political process”. Negotiations with Russia continue to be a challenging topic, but the U.S. Secretary of state to Moscow proves that there are some changes.

In Syria, there remains the desire to find a political solution to the issue. For many, however, it means the removal from power of Bashar al-Assad. “After the American invasion opened the window of opportunity to create new favorable conditions for the formation of the political process in Syria, which we consider to be the only possible solution.” The future of the Syrian President remains a matter of serious discrepancies. According to Alfano, this aspect is part of the “much more extensive joint discussions.” “Italy’s position has always been to give Syria the right to decide their own fate,” he said. France and the United States, however, believe that as long as Assad is in power, of any political solution to the conflict cannot be considered.

“I expect Syria without Assad” — openly said Tillerson. But that’s not all. The country’s “Big seven” will appeal to Russia with a demand to stop the “hypocrisy” in Syria and to cooperate with other countries to put an end to the civil war.

The subject of the discussion — Libya. “Seven” reiterates “strong support of the Presidential Council and a national unity government, headed by Prime Minister Faiz al-Sarraj as a legitimate Executive authority in accordance with resolution 2259 of the UN Security Council” confirms that it would oppose “any attempt to threaten the stabilization process”. According to the Minister Alfano: “there is full agreement that all parties must understand that there can be no military solution, but may not arise and “vacuum”, which can fill someone else”.

“Seven” finally discussed the threat posed by Pyongyang’s “Nuclear and ballistic programs of North Korea pose a serious and growing threat to international and regional security, it is a clear violation of the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons”. Heads of diplomatic departments “the Big seven” “I strongly condemn all nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches by North Korea” in violation of the obligations imposed by resolutions of the UN Security Council.