Trump just grabbed a Russian map from the hands of the Democrats

A lot can change during the day, using 59 “Tomahawk”. Yesterday, if you uttered the words “Russia and the tramp”, you probably discussed endlessly sounding statements that the Russian somehow secretly conspired with the electoral headquarters of the trump and somehow influenced the outcome of the elections in 2016.

Now these words are probably spoken in conversations about how President Donald trump has spoiled relations with Moscow in its decision to strike on Thursday evening, a missile attack on Syria in response to its alleged attack on his own people using nerve gas.

This dramatically changed the situation in Washington, Moscow and elsewhere. This is not a example of how completely negative for trump, the situation has become absolutely positive, but the situation is close to that. Because from now on, to promote the theory that the President is something of a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin, will be much harder. Throw independent of the President of trump now harder than the person who allegedly remotely controlled by the Kremlin… no matter what he does.

Instead, those who just want to criticize the President trump, and many genuinely concerned Americans will now be in the first place to wonder about whether it was necessary to strike at President Bashar al-Assad in Syria in order to alienate Russia, which is Syria protects. It is much more healthy and constructive discussion, because it is not shrouded in a mysterious conspiracy theories and innuendo, almost completely based on known facts. For example, we still do not know whether the speech of the Russian community against the attacks being completely sincere, or are they made just for of a kind. But we do know that the United States has informed the Putin regime before strike. And the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said Friday morning that the United States launched a missile strike against Syria “on the brink of military clashes with Russia.” But, he stopped. Thus, Medvedev is playing the role of an evil uncle, who many of us have and who swears that if his opponent “had said one word, he would certainly something about him made!” In other words, the narrative about Russia collapses… Yet.

In addition, thanks to this strike on Syria team trump immediately is in a different position, doing a more traditional and appropriate for the administration of the President role. Almost every President has to give orders about the conduct of any military action, and there is a long tradition according to which the President as commander-in-chief goes additional, and it is clear public support in the case, when our troops are at risk. This level of support over time, decreased in the society is still not extinguished the sense of outrage over the war in Iraq — but it still exists. Besides, the decision on the missile strikes, apparently, makes this President to act differently, and he is now more like a President. For example, last night he wrote on Twitter, and appealed to his people with a heartfelt speech. In fact, that night and even the next morning — he even wrote on Twitter about the rocket attacks.

And it is not only a drastic change in the scenario. Guess who are now the de facto supports the decision of the President of trump? The answer is Hillary Clinton herself, who made a call to strike Syrian air bases just like the blow just hours before they were deposited. “I am convinced that we ought to have and should now damage the airfields and thus to prevent him from returning to bomb innocent people and spraying them from the air, sarin gas,” said Clinton on Thursday afternoon. This is the case when former political enemies suddenly became allies. Few could have foreseen.

But in this case it is not necessary to be deceived. Opponents of President trump, as before, still dissatisfied, and many of them will use this missile strike, to organize against a new series of political attacks. But now they have to start all over again, and “range” of their attacks has significantly decreased. Moreover, given that the President trump is clearly a challenge to the Russian, it may be a strong argument in favor of in order to stop hearing in the house Committee on intelligence and stop the campaign of ranking member of the Committee, Adam Schiff (Adam Schiff) with the purpose of uncover some great conspiracy, which involved trump and Russian. Then the Democrats will surely find another reason for dissatisfaction with trump, but he must be very different.

This reason may be the continued reminders that trump, being a simple citizen, Twitter and other sites were against the attacks of Syria and other wars in the middle East. But we’ve seen such tactics used against the President. Allegations that trump is “Russian spy”, was especially attractive and unique, especially given the fact that statements about their possible credibility resulted in a form of investigation in Congress. It is not that “bad” the situation has changed and become “good”, but the situation is developing in the direction of political “normality”.