The snow and the change in the weather: weather forecasts for a week

In Ukraine in the next few days, forecasters predict snow and rain. Air temperature will range within four to six degrees Celsius. In the middle of next week, according to the forecast Ukrhidroenerho, warming is expected to 14 degrees above zero. The website “Today” found out what weather to expect Ukrainians.

The weather forecast for a week

March 18, in the West of Ukraine is expected cold – day temperature will rise by four to six degrees above zero. Precipitation will be rain with sleet. Light rains are also expected in the North and centre of the country. At the same time in the East and South – partly cloudy.

In southern areas the day temperature will rise to seven to nine degrees, the same weather is expected on this day and in the East. In the center and in the North the temperature will oscillate in the range of five to seven degrees.

Weather forecast for March 18. Photo: Ukrgidromet

19 Mar precipitation will be held throughout the country. In the West, rain with sleet in the capital and in the North rain. The rest of the day will be heavy rains. Relatively cold weather is expected in the West – the air will warm up to four degrees in the center, on the North and East – from five to seven degrees above zero, and in the South – from seven to nine degrees Celsius.

Weather forecast for March 19. Photo: Ukrgidromet

Monday, March 20, on the West and East will be rain. At the same time in the center, on the North and South – partly cloudy. Air temperature will fluctuate in limits from six to nine degrees Celsius throughout the country.

Weather forecast for March 20. Photo: Ukrgidromet

21 March, Ukraine weather forecasters predict a significant warming. In the South will warm up to 14 degrees Celsius in the West to 10-13 degrees, in Kiev, on the East and North to 11 degrees above zero during the day.

National weather forecast

March 18, according to the portal “the weather man”, the day of memory of Holy Martyr Konon of Isauria. The people of St. Konon the Gardener called. This day started hot vegetable time. The people said: “Konon of Gradara start digging ridges in the garden” March 19, revered the memory of the monk job of Anzersk. In the sky you can see the white stork, who returned to their homes. May also be returned and the Wagtail, although it is still early.

March 20 is celebrated as the day of commemoration of the Holy Martyr Basil, Bishop of Kherson Tauride. Set already warm weather, but cold not in a hurry to retreat: “From the roof is dripping, and nose Capet”, day spring thaw, and in the evening there may come a frost.

March 21, revered the memory of the monk Lazarus and Athanasius Murmansk. This is the day of the vernal equinox. Night and day have equal duration. In the Northern hemisphere spring and southern autumn. This date is considered as the astronomical day of the birth of spring. The periods of the equinox have strong winds and storms. If in this day of warm countries returns a lark, then you should wait for warm spring. If the clouds are high and the sky quickly, then the weather will be good.

March 22 marks the day of memory of 40 martyrs at Sebasteia lake. This is the second meeting of spring (first on carnival). If a Wagtail arrived, the river in 12 days will reveal; the arrival of the lark predicted heat; Finch — cold.

March 23 marks the day of memory of Martyr Kondrat (quadratus). In the old days was saying that in this day of “fog eats snow”, that is, indicates the arrival of the heat. Fog also pointed to the warm mid-may, and the frost – on a rainy day on isaky of the Coil (12 June). Blue clouds running across the sky, predicted the heat and rain. And March 23 is the first in the new year in the afternoon. The fishermen on this day drew attention to the spring creeks that if they run into the hole, it will be good to be caught roach.