The Imperial school in Russia

At the entrance to the school waving the Imperial flag with double-headed eagle. Inside the building, like a small Palace with its white columns and sky-blue walls, visitors are greeted by a bronze statue of Catherine II. On the ground floor, portraits of the monarchs of the Romanov dynasty adorn the Grand ballroom. Welcome to the Moscow Imperial school of St. Basil the Great. Or, rather, in the gymnasium. So in Russia before 1917 was called the school. One hundred years after the abdication of the last Emperor Nicholas II and the Bolshevik revolution, monarchy returned to the fore in Russia.

Nearly a quarter of Russians are sympathetic to this form of government. According to a survey published by the VTSIOM Institute 23 March 2017, 28% of respondents were in favor of the return of the monarchy against 22% in 2006 Despite the fact that this plan supports the minority, as nobody really knows how to put it into practice, the idea of progressing in society.

Just ten days ago, to everyone’s surprise, Sergei Aksyonov, Governor of the Crimea, Ukrainian Peninsula annexed in 2014, Russia declared live on television: “When there is no unity of command, comes the collective irresponsibility […] Today, in my opinion, Russia needs a monarchy”. This vision is not so incompatible with the figure of Vladimir Putin, the restorer of the Empire, which some would like to see in power as long as possible.

Educate “future elite”

Today patriotism and religion promoted by the supporters of the monarchy, agree quite well with the current discourse of the Kremlin. School of Saint Basil the Great was founded under the auspices of the Orthodox Church oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, 42, the founder of the charitable Foundation of the same name.

The name of the millionaire and the owner of the investment group Marshall Capital (Marshall Capital Partners) is part of the European station list. Since 2014 he is accused of trying to “destabilize” Eastern Ukraine, and in funding and supporting Pro-Russian separatists.

The office of the Director of the school’s only television channel Constantinople, also launched by Konstantin Malofeev in 2016 to promote his ideas. “I and the founder of the channel — Monarchists,” — said Zurab Chavchavadze, in the room where the portrait of Nicholas II to his full height. “We want to debunk the myth and help children to understand that for 70 years until the collapse of the Soviet propaganda lied to them about conditions in the country.” But above all, we are talking about education at this school “future elite” of the country.

This welcoming 74-year-old Georgian was born in the family, who lived in exile until 1948. After his return to the USSR was in the GULAG. Was the representative of the Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich, who was the last head of the Russian Imperial house of Romanov, who lived in Paris and died in 1992 while on a trip to Florida.

Etiquette lessons

Zurab Chavchavadze — the Trustee of Konstantin Malofeev and CEO of his Foundation. He met Jean-Marie Le Pen (Jean Marie Le Pen) during his visit to Moscow in October 2014, shortly before the NF has received a loan in a Russian Bank. “It’s time to form close to the Church a Patriotic elite. Times no party is monarchist, we can only be movement. But this does not mean that we should sit idly by,” — emphasizes the right hand of the Russian oligarch.

Our school is on the list of schools patronized by the Moscow Patriarchate “probably not such rich as ours”, and can accommodate over 400 students. All students wear uniforms — Navy blue skirts for girls and pants for boys. The number of students increases, “because the trend is growing.” Tuition is 700 thousand rubles a year, a fortune in terms of current salaries, but still quite affordable for the middle class are willing to make some sacrifices.

In addition to traditional subjects we study Latin, calligraphy, the history of religion and its “martyrs”, as well as the rules of etiquette. How to hold Cutlery, kiss the hand, to appeal to the elderly — all fundamental elements of a good education. “You, the French know very well that no one has ever complained about Russian white immigrants because they were well-behaved. The crime in their midst was zero point zero”. On the territory of our school is a beautiful outdoor pool, sports facilities and a small stadium. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit in a healthy body — our slogan is purified from the worldly meaning of these words.

Balls and Liturgy in the old Slavonic language

In the rhythm of prayers, the day begins with mass in the old Slavonic language, which is also studied. On the same day, two little girls with kerchiefs on their heads read prayers under the Golden domes of the white, unfinished Cathedral, which the school recently received. The construction cost is one million euros. The project is fully financed by Konstantin Malofeev. The Church has not invested a penny. But the Patriarch came to bless this project and presented the icon, which is inserted into the large ballroom.

Three times a year the school organises a ball. The girls are dressed in long white dresses with fluffy skirts, and the boys in three-piece suits. They dance the Mazurka — a dance popular in the old days at court and in the European salons. “I believe that the social base for the monarchy does not exist, it is a very long way, but the idea progresses. And I can say that for Russia, the monarchy is the most natural form of government. I even can prove it: after Nicholas II, all the leaders, starting with Lenin and ending with Gorbachev, became objects of cult, like the monarchs,” says Zurab Chavchavadze.

This observation is backed up by the independent Levada Center. Published in February, survey data showed that the Russian Tsar was not inferior to Lenin and Stalin as part of the “respect” and “sympathy.”