Groysman called the possible date of increase of pensions in Ukraine

In the case of adoption by Verkhovna Rada the draft law on pension reform until July 15, the government will be able to increase pensions from 1 October. This was stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during a meeting with representatives of regional media.

“I am convinced that with the support of the Ukrainian Parliament of 226 votes, we can end this session until July 15 to vote on the basis of the whole, and from October 1 in the country all to raise pensions. I understand how to do it, and willing to take responsibility. I will ask the support of Ukrainian citizens and will seek the support of the Ukrainian Parliament. I am deeply convinced that with this support system will be changed, it will be absolutely right to work in the interests of Ukrainian citizens “, – quoted the Prime Minister press-service of the government.

Groisman added that this year should change this situation, when 80% of Ukrainians receive the minimum pension.

According to officials, pension reform should include three criteria:

  • justice;
  • the deficit-free Pension Fund;
  • the increase of pensions.

“It is unfair when a significant part of pensioners who in due time didn’t pay a penny to the Pension Fund, receive the same minimum pension, those pensioners who have to pay these fees”

The new pension reform, according to the head of the government, will allow for seven years to completely eliminate the deficit of the Pension Fund of 140 billion UAH.

As reported, the majority of Ukrainian pensioners receive less than 1500 UAH, the minimum pension at the moment – 1247, and a maximum of 58.7 thousand. This year the government announces the increase of pensions 10.1% (in may and December), and the scale of “modernity”. The website “Today” figured out how to get rich Ukrainians retired in 2017.