Ukraine has moved to the summer

At 3:00 on March 26, Ukraine switched to daylight saving time by transfer timepieces forward one hour.

The United States and Canada in the night from Saturday to Sunday have already shifted from winter to summer.

Recall that the clock to save energy is transferred to the summer and winter time since 1981. It was assumed that the fall of 2012, Ukraine was the last time the transfer time will remain in the second time zone. But the government this question is not considered, therefore, Ukrainians continue to adjust clocks twice a year.

The transition to seasonal time is carried out in more than hundred countries around the world. Among those who do not translate watch – Russia, Japan, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. Last year transfer is refused, and Turkey now live there in summer time.

Note, starting March 26 in Ukraine will disappear, the difference with Moscow time.