A family of Nazis

30-year-old Ukrainian Yevhen Stand says she feels a sense of pride when he sees how to fight white. His 26-year-old wife Elena, I agree — because I have to do it.

“And on her forehead a Muslim we have carved a swastika”

Almost none of those with whom we have met in Europe, was not impressed by a bigger extremist than thirty years Eugene Stand with Ukraine. He us literally shook.

“And then he was thrown into the well, but he survived. That day I was very proud because it put in place”.

— Do not you think that doing so was unacceptable?

“One thing is for sure: I didn’t cry”.

Because he was a Muslim?

“I don’t hate Muslims. Just when I see a Muslim, I think that’s disgusting.”

The living room sits his wife Elena and listens to our conversation. Five years ago, late one evening, while they waited for the bus at the bus stop in Kiev, Eugene first told her, “I love you”.

And she thought, “Finally! Then I can also dare to say that I love you.”

She puts a piece of cake on a porcelain plate, on which some engraving. It appears to be some small black dash. And only when we are looking at them carefully, we understand that it is a swastika.

The same symbol on a coffee Cup.

Child runs from their four year old daughter dressed as a Princess. Eugene rushes to her. He’s big and strong, it helped him get a job as a security guard at a wealthy businessman.

Eugene puts on her bib. It says “Blood & Honour” (“Blood and honor”) is an English neo-Nazi organization that has branches around the world.

Living room window curtains. From the ceiling in almost every room single hanging bare bulb. In the kitchen, not enough plates and other equipment. In front of a high concrete high-rise building in twenty minutes from the centre of Kiev there are two burnt-out cars.

The day before Eugene took us to the Park in the forest, where the exposed tanks and guns, and monuments to Russian soldiers. Here the Russians fought with the Germans during the Second world war.

Passing the trenches, he said: “I would like to win the Nazis and would be introduced by the national socialist ideology. It is better than Communist.”

Adolf Hitler, he became interested in in high school. When he was 14 years old, he dared and joined the skinhead movement. Five years later his sister died in an accident at the fault of the Jew, and it “reinforced my confidence in the fact that the Jews — the real problem.”

When he was at University, first encountered the Muslims and colored, which, in his opinion, behaved “as if they were the owners in my country”.

Then Eugene began to meet regularly with football hooligans and skinheads on the other square in Kiev once a week. From there they were to wander around the city, “and if we come across an immigrant, he was ours.” Muslims whether it was the Chinese left-wing extremists or Jews — did not play a role.

He calls them “cockroaches”

And after he for three months was confined to bed because of back surgery, he did not think otherwise. He had just met with Helen, who visited him every day: “She cooked me food and took care of me.”

“One day I showed her one of the Nazi video. It hit a Muslim. I didn’t know what she thinks about all this. We never said. If she is somehow condemned, I would not see for us, no future together”.

He looks at Elena:

“For me it’s very important.”

We are interested in, does she share his views on Jews and Muslims:

“Because I’m his wife, I don’t want to argue with him or disagree, so yeah, I share his opinion.”

— And you have something to say?

“Then divorce!” — puts an end to the conversation Eugene.

Elena looks at us, smiling:

“To others it may seem like some kind of killing machine, but for me it is just a soft Teddy bear”.

Eugene says, only when he asked questions. Once during an interview he said that he would like to be more confident. Gets mobile and shows us one of the videos showed her.

“I feel proud, when white people fight”.

— And you easily see when people get hurt?

“It is much harder to watch as a black sounding white”.

He gets up, walks past the computer, which are three knives. And now, in his hand a book written by the Norwegian murderer and arsonist churches Varg Vikernes (Varg Vikernes), also known as the Count.

“I became interested in Norse mythology and the ancient gods of the Vikings,” he says.

His whole body painted with runic symbols. As a gift he presented to his wife tools for tattooing. And then she got the tattoo on his hip.

“And do you want to see my first?”

He leans down to us and pulls two fingers on the lower lip.

“I have one friend on my 19th birthday gave”.

“It symbolizes my views. I made it for myself. And not for someone else.”

On the inner side of lips, our eyes open another swastika.