Revolution children: Putin’s regime is moribund?

Nobody expected anything like this. The Russian regime allowed the feeling of absolute confidence to lull themselves. The opposition had long divided, and its end secured to the death of Boris Nemtsov, who was killed two years ago to step away from the Kremlin, which is symbolic. His unwavering position on the Russian leader Vladimir Putin has strengthened the annexation of Crimea “military parade” in Syria and adventure in the East of Ukraine.

The final milestone in Putin’s guaranteed victory in the elections of 2018 was the victory of Donald trump in the United States and the General rise of populism in the West. It seemed that the days of liberals irretrievably doomed, and the Russian leader can relax.

However, in the day when it was exactly 17 years from the date of the first election of President Putin, Russia swept the mass protests. They are exceptional not only because it had become the most popular after performances 2011 — 2012, but that turned out to be the most ambitious. The protests started in Vladivostok in the far East and during the day gradually spread to hundreds of cities and spread to Moscow and St. Petersburg, where they became especially numerous.

Only in the capital, police detained more than a thousand people, including the opposition “leader” Alexei Navalny. It was he, rather, his documentary film exposing corruption structure around the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, became the impetus for the performances.

Selection of Bulk, the fallen “the highest-ranking liberal system” was very successful. Weak, but not so disgusting Medvedev — an easy target. It is not too have any own colleagues in the government, nor the citizens who are disappointed with reforms, never implemented from the time of Medvedev’s presidency.

To act directly against Putin — is an act tantamount to suicide, can not be said about the performance against the presidential obedient servants, who after five years without controversy, Putin returned to the presidency and received a “Premier place for a possession.”

In the film Bulk and his associates out of the Fund of struggle against corruption, which was created several years ago, described the ways in which the head office accumulates a wealth of unimaginable proportions.

The answer to the question, whether Putin is “poor” in fact, according to his declarations, Russia and the rest of the world looking for many years. But what in fact he is not a beggar, and all his possessions just written to someone else, okay.

How this system works, in detail and dismantled Navalny and his team. Medvedev hides its real property net of charitable funds which are managed by it people. The money for the Prime Minister’s “charity” donate influential and rich sponsors. The same system is used the entire top.

Thus, Medvedev played the role of catalyst. However, the Russians were protesting not only against him but against the entire political elite, which in a similar way to “plunder their money,” as highlighted in the film Bulk.

Children who surrender to hopelessness

The current protests differ in several important details from those that occurred in 2011-2012, when the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg people were protesting against the parliamentary elections first, and then against the return of Putin to the Kremlin. If then the speech was linked to specific events and people’s anger pretty soon dried up, this time Russians took to the streets the feeling of hopelessness that just won’t disappear.

Special this time was the composition of the demonstrators. The rallies came the crowd of teenagers, schoolchildren, that is, in fact, still children. Their participation in the demonstrations surprised not only political structures, but also journalists, commentators and even their own parents.

Suddenly apolitical generation growing up on the Internet, stood side by side with adults, and at first nobody even realized that, in fact, it does youth. Children came out of the recesses of the network, inaccessible even to those adults for whom the Internet is a usual part of life. Someone aptly called it “Internet 2.0.

About the impassable Gulf that opened up between the world of the Internet children and the Internet adults, shows, including the series of children’s suicides, which recently shocked the Russian public. But not even the death of children as such, but the fact that suicide has pushed them in social networks in the so-called group of death.

While the adults sit on Facebook and Twitter, the youth spends time in “Instagram” and the Russian version of “Facebook” — “Vkontakte”. They are virtually impossible to influence the official propaganda, the main instruments which is television. But the youth of today it was not interested. And just as today’s children are indifferent to the ideology of the country’s leadership: they saw neither socialism nor criminal 90. Patriotic feeling that Putin stubbornly nurtured in a notorious post-Soviet generations, children alien. The annexation of the Crimea does not bother them, and another leader, in addition to Putin, they did not know.

And they are not interested in specific political issues — they are guided by a sense of injustice. “They have palaces, and we have no future.” However, unlike previous generations, they are not affected by the paralyzing idea that one is a warrior. They grow on the Internet, the most liberal space, which only you can imagine, and they are the stars of YouTube and other social networks, which themselves did.

And so they listened to the calls by Navalny, who spoke to them through the Internet in a language they understand. Truth, therefore, about the Bulk it is too early to speak about full-fledged opposition leader. For disturbed pupils, his personality plays no role, and their attention and sympathy is extremely difficult to keep.

In a difficult situation

In a difficult situation and was shocked the Russian leadership. Children have no real power to overthrow the government, but the revolutionary potential is that of their parents, which is easy to Wake up, severely beating with their offspring. Traditionally Russians are indifferent to the wealth of those in power, so that the palaces Medvedev are not the cause of statements. But excessive brutality may provoke them.

Therefore, the Putin government does not remain anything else how to show the discontented part of the population that the government still enjoys majority support.

The opportunity for this will come this weekend. After the terrorist attack that occurred Monday in the subway of Saint Petersburg, the Kremlin is “recommended” to the mayors of the cities to spend the weekend anti-terrorism demonstration. This was not the first terrorist attack in Russia, but anti-terrorism rallies is a novelty. In addition, the very idea of “protest against terrorism” somewhat curious, and there is no doubt that their true goal is to support the regime.

After the “protests” children in a difficult situation was not only the country’s leadership, but also a contender for the role of revolutionary leader. Now it would be best if Putin’s regime began to act tough. It is the blood, not only provoked the Ukrainian revolution and Syrian civil war, but the Russian revolution of 1917, the one-hundredth anniversary of which this year is celebrated by Russians. What happened in the end of the Russian revolution, we all know…