The Annunciation-2017: charms and divination

Today is the Annunciation. In the feast of the Annunciation, the Church recalls how the Holy virgin appeared the Archangel Gabriel and told that she will give birth to the son of God.

This day has its own rituals and signs. In addition they also have some spells and divination, which are used to attract good luck, love and money, reports


One of the main symbols of the Annunciation is fire. In the holiday a bonfire and burn their garbage, old things, clothes and shoes. In Russia, to undergo spiritual purification, people jumped through the fire and drove around the bonfire dances. Also, the fires burned the clothing and bedding of sick people: it contributed to their recovery.

Conspiracy money

Buy communion bread on the Annunciation, one of the prosphoras stick a lot of money. Then go around to all of the household and let them choose the host. Those who will take unleavened bread with the coin will be lucky all year, all his undertakings will be successful.

Love spell and marriage

This ritual is only suitable for never been married girls that want to marry. This girl need to Wake up before sunrise, wash your face three times with cold water from the tap, repeating the prayer to the Master of the water: “the water Master, deliver from trouble, give happiness, give me beauty, give of youth.”

After that, in a loose shirt without a belt, with your hair down, no jewelry, you open the window there, where you see the sunrise (can go out over the shirt you can throw on a Cape or coat).

As soon as I see the sunrise, you say, turning to him: “dawn was dawn, dew fell, the sun rose, the dew dried. The sun dry my lonely, give me a couple! I will be light, as light of dawn. Amen.”

Conspiracy for fulfillment of desires

On the eve of the Annunciation bring home a thin branch of a tree and put it under the pillow. Make a wish, say it aloud a few times. Morning view on a twig: if it ain’t broke, so your request will be fulfilled.

Plot on well-being and health

You can cook the Annunciation salt that the whole year will be in your home good luck and health. At the dawn of the holiday put ordinary table salt (4 kg) in a canvas bag and put it in a warm oven for 10 minutes. You can use this salt as seasoning food, add it to the water for cleaning, conduct the rituals for the removal of evil eye and spoilage.

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In addition to the conspiracies, there are other rites, among which the divination, misleading and give examples of ceremonies for the return of happiness.

This ritual is done once a year at the Annunciation. Advance purchase birds titmouse, Sparrow, dove. Prepare her food, feed, and water recite all his bad life, with tears, with lamentations. Then recite the “our father” and “Holy mother of God”. Give the bird food and water, and when she eats, let her out to freedom.

Divination with birds. Going outside, the girls watched what birds they get in the way often. Pigeons were promised a happy and joyful spring, a crow is dreary and boring. Sparrows and swallows promised peace and stability, Wagtails and dead birds – vanity, financial problems, instability.

In addition, with the awakening of the girls ran to the window. If there sat a dove or a bird, should expect a pleasant change and good fortune in love. Sparrow promised failures and financial difficulties.

Divination with trepko. To know the future of the harvest, mistress of the night hung wet cloth on the street. If the cloth during the night to fully dry, will be a rich harvest and warm summers. If the doormat in the morning was cold, the summer will be very cold, and the harvest is bad.

Earlier Today a website reported that most often, the Annunciation is celebrated on the days of lent. This holiday (if it is not in Holy week), fasting weakens and is allowed to fish. In 2017, the feast of the Annunciation is celebrated on the last day of the great lent, the eve of Lazarus Saturday and palm Sunday.