Ukrainians in may raised tariffs for cold and hot water: as now will pay

In Ukraine has raised tariffs for cold and hot water in some cities. The decision of the national Commission adopted in February 2017, but the resolution came into force a few days ago. Due to the increase of wages, reduction of consumption and the rise of electricity providers revised cost of supply. In Kiev, the cold water has risen by 15% in Khmelnytskyi – 21%, in Ukraine – 28%, and in the river – 7%. The website “Today” found out how much the Ukrainians will have to pay for water supply.

Why and how increased tariffs

The tariff for water supply, every company calculates for itself. The cost of service entering salaries, electricity (it work the pumps), repair, taxes, depreciation, etc. Dependent on equipment, jobs, health, the cost of water from different companies are different. The local authority approves the programme of development of the enterprise and considering the planned rate, the final decision of the national Commission of regulation of energy and utilities (NKREKU). The main requirement of the Commission rate must cover all costs and include depreciation.

This year, as noted by the representatives of local authorities at the Commission meeting in February 2017, it turned out that Ukrainians spend less water than projected in the calculations. The more the company sells, the cheaper their service. However, due to the significant price increase communal Ukrainians began to save.

“The new rates are approved by local authorities. The rate should correspond to the costs incurred by the company. Should not be social populism,” – said the Deputy mayor Dmitry South-Loving.


Why expensive water:

  • Increased minimum wage
  • Reduced consumption
  • Rose electricity
  • More funds recovered for depreciation

Wages, according to the national Commission, the largest item of expenditure. For example, if the Ukrainians have spent on cold water 100 hryvnia, on average, the 38.2 of the hryvnia will be spent on the salaries of employees of the local “Vodokanal” of 27.4 hryvnia will be spent on light (the pumps are powered by electricity) and 21.2 of the hryvnia – for banking services, checking meters, 70 cents – for the payment of interest on loans, 4,5 hryvnia for repair of 6.5 hryvnia depreciation and 1.5 hryvnia in taxes and fees.

The price of cold water:

  • “Kyivvodocanal” – from 13.77 to 15.79 UAH per cubic meter
  • “Loovvool” – from 10.49 to 13.41 hryvnia per cubic meter
  • “Raveolution” – from 13.38 to 15.84 hryvnia per cubic meter
  • “Dniprovodokanal” – from 12.45 to 13.32 USD per cube
  • “Hmelnickogo” – from 11.49 to 13.91 hryvnia per cubic meter

The price of hot water:

  • “Teplokommunenergo lighthouse” (Vinnitsa) – 78,23 to 80,62 hryvnias for a cube (with towel rail)
  • “Vinnitsaoblenergo” – 73,03 to 74,42 hryvnia per cubic meter

The average family of three spends 7.2 per cubic meter of cold water per month. Earlier in the capital, for such a volume of water had to pay 99,1 hryvnia, after the price increase for water will have to pay 111,5 hryvnia.

Note, at the moment, the tariffs for hot and cold water is not increased in all cities of Ukraine. As explained in the Commission, all businesses are required to apply with a request to set new rates until August 10. After that NKREKU new tariffs approved.

As for Kiev, more expensive hot water boiler

By higher cold water to the people of Kiev, which use a boiler, will have to pay more. Water heater 80 liters and a power of 2500 watts (this volume is enough for a family of three) heats the water to 65 degree above zero (the temperature can be choose). To calculate the power consumption, it is necessary to know the time of heating water: T = 0,00116 × tank volume × (final temperature – initial temperature)/ power

A boiler for heating 80 gallons of water at 40 degrees spends 1.48 hours and 3.7 kWh of electricity. At the same time to heat a cubic meter of water, have use of 46.25 kWh. At current rates cube of hot water cost at 57.4 hryvnia (UAH 15.79 for cold water and 41.6 hryvnia to the light). To rise in price of a cubic meter of hot water with a boiler costing 55.3 hryvnia.


While hot water rate “Kievenergo” is 76,7 hryvnia. So, even after the price hike of electricity and cold water, warm water boiler is cheaper.

However, an expert in the field of energy efficiency Andrew Iron that your to heat water using electricity inefficiently. “Individual hot water will have the opposite effect. Boiler gas is used for heating water. Power is a secondary resource, the primary (from where we get electricity) – coal, gas, or nuclear energy. Efficiency in primary energy consumption is higher. It turns out that once we use a resource to generate electricity and then use to heat water. From the point of view of ecology it is inefficient,” – says the expert.