China again led the warships in the disputed area of the East China sea

A coast guard vessel, China on Monday was spotted in territorial waters around disputed Islands in the East China sea. This is with reference to data of the Japanese coastal defense reports AFP.

“Three warships of China was spotted in the waters surrounding the uninhabited archipelago,” – said in a statement, the Japanese coast guard.

As you know, the Islands are controlled by Japan, which calls them Senkaku, while China calls them Diaoyutai.

According to Japanese services, the incident occurred at about 14:00 local time (about 07:00 am in Kiev. – Ed.) “the ships went South-South-West direction”.

The PRC ships were in territorial waters of Japan, about two hours.

The Agency notes that the incident occurred two days after James Mattis, the new U.S. defense Secretary, said in Tokyo that the archipelago is under the protection of the defense agreement between Washington and Tokyo.

As you know, the Senkaku Islands are a group of Islands in the East China sea, South of the Ryukyu archipelago.
Administratively belong to the city of Ishigaki Prefecture, Japan.

The area of the island group is 7 sq km. the island is uninhabited.
Since 1971, the Islands are subject of a territorial dispute between Japan, China and Taiwan.

Earlier it was reported that China brought in a disputed area of the South China sea, the aircraft carrier and five warships.