TOP 13 countries with the best education systems in the world – poll

The largest network of people living outside their native countries InterNations conducted a survey among 14300 immigrants out of 174 countries on the different aspects of life abroad, including on education.

The result was compiled a ranking of the TOP 13 countries with the best education systems, reports

13. Czech Republic

Education budget, organization of the educational process easy, 74% of parents-immigrants in this unanimous. On average, the level of satisfaction with the availability of training — 45%.

12. Austria

The quality of training is highly appreciated by 85% of parents-immigrants, which is 21% higher than the world average.

11. India

In India, high standards in education, but for newcomers to the country it seems expensive, agree 48 per cent of such parents.

10. Australia

Because education in this country is available, 64% agree parents of immigrants, and the quality of training is approved by 84%.

9. Netherlands

In the overall ranking InterNations Holland is only the 24th place but on the parameter of education, she opens the top ten.

8. Taiwan

Taiwan named the best country for immigrants on the sum of the indicators, partially due to the quality of education. But it is not cheap: happy rate for kindergartens and schools and only 3% moved parents.

7. Belgium

This year the third part of the parents-expats considers the quality of the Belgian education has a good, last year so was thinking of only 17%.

6. Israel

84% had emigrated to Israel according to local education system itself, which contributes to the overall development of children at a high level.

5. Hong Kong

Here, according to expats, education at the highest level that compensates for its high cost.

4. South Korea

This year 47% of parents of emigrants called the South Korean education as “excellent”, and last year only 22%.

3. Switzerland

The quality of education is one of the best in the world, recognize the parents in the study.

2. Singapore

Parents who moved to Singapore seem to be expensive prices for educational services, but 53% of them appreciated their quality.

1. Finland

The best country for immigrants in terms of education. 70% moved in here talking about the great education system. Only 21% of parents now living in Finland consider other systems of education better than Finnish.