The experts gave the answer, why have two nostrils

The experts gave the answer, why have two nostrils. In order to explain this, scientists from Stanford University had to resort to comparative biology, writes, “Orthodox”.

As an example, experts have cited other paired organs eyes and ears. It is the pairing helps you to more accurately hear where the sound comes from, see where the subject is. After all, if you close your eyes and plug your ears, locating fresh baking problems can occur.

The researchers found that occasionally one of the nostrils begins to “work” – work is not in full force, and her “partner” was going all out, picks up the heavy odor molecules and sends signals to the brain. “Otpusknie” is limited to the interception of light aromatico. Therefore, a person is able to capture much more of the nuances of smell.

Scientists have proven that people are divided into two groups: congenital “sniffer” and those who are not very sensitive to smell. For the perfect scent the nostrils of man must be located at a distance of 3.5 cm.

During the experiments, the researchers found that people can catch a smell, like dogs and focus on them. For purity of experiment the subjects were blindfolded and plugged your ears, and then asked to smell a Cup of cocoa.

Experience has shown that a person developed stereophonie as stereoskyline, and the perception of visual images using the pairwise body. Experiments with bats showed that the orientation of their a lot worse if they shut one nostril. They go astray by tens of degrees in the direction of the nostril that breathes.