British Prime Minister announced early parliamentary elections

Theresa may, speaking to his residence at Downing street, said that he did not want to ask Parliament to support his proposal for early elections, which was to take place only in 2020, but decided that it needed to support the efforts of the ruling Conservative party, associated with the exit of Britain from the EU.

Pounds in a result of strengthened nearly half a cent against the dollar, as investors sighed with relief after rumors about the unexpected resignation of may did not materialize. The yield on 10-year gobongo Britain rose slightly.

“I reluctantly decided that the country needs these elections, but I firmly believe that this is necessary to ensure strong and sustainable leadership at the time of Brexit and after it,” said may.

“Every vote for the conservatives will make it more difficult for opposition politicians who want to stop me to bring this matter to the end.”

Mae relies on its substantial lead in the polls. The conservatives are ahead of labour by about 20 percentage points. The rating of the Prime Minister are higher than the leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbyn: 50 percent of respondents said that Mei will be the best Prime Minister, while Corbin was supported by only 14 percent, according to a survey by YouGov.

However, early elections may have yet to enlist the support of 2/3 of Parliament on Wednesday. The labour party said it would support the proposal.

“The decision that faces the country, will address leadership,” said may.

“It will be a choice between a strong and sustainable leadership in the national interest with me as your Prime Minister, or a weak and unstable coalition government headed by Jeremy Corbin supported the liberal Democrats, who want to return to the split referendum”.

Mei hopes that the elections will allow it to increase small at the moment, the preponderance in Parliament, to achieve the adoption of reforms in education and healthcare and to strengthen the position in the negotiations with the EU, which will begin in June.

(Elizabeth Piper, Kylie McLellan, William James, with the participation of Kate Holton, Andy Bruce. Translation and text Marina Bobrova)