Post will cost: the price of the products

On the background of the Great lent, which began this year on February 27, has already increased the prices of products that are allowed to use the faithful, particularly the fish and mushrooms. The latter has risen the most — by 60-70%. Experts predict the rising cost of and other products — such as cheese, milk and sugar.

MUSHROOMS AND FISH. According to the analyst of the Ukrainian agrarian Confederation Dmitry Dana, the main reason for the increase in the cost of mushrooms is the growing demand for them. “In the winter kilo of mushrooms cost from 23 to 25 UAH/kg, and now — 40-45, since mushrooms are taken by those who do not eat meat, we were told the Dane. Great post — the main engine of prices, so a gradual reduction in price of mushrooms up to UAH 30/kg should not be expected earlier than in a month and a half. And the fish we have 70% imported and its price depends on the dollar, which in recent months has grown”.

Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko added that the reason for the rise in price of fish also in reducing the sentence. According to him, this is a seasonal increase in prices of ice fell catch Ukrainian pond fish — carp, carp.

“Prices have risen in February by 45%, or up to UAH 50 per kg carp, 60 UAH per kg carp — said Doroshenko. — In a post retail is trying to make, so the carp can grow to 60 UAH, carp to 70-75 UAH. But by the end of April, when will not only catch crucians and carps, but also carp, pike, tench, prices on carp and carp may fall by half”.

Despite the fact that experts say a price increase (10%) on cucumbers, tomatoes and green onion traditional traditional kit, while more expensive is not going to.

“SOUR” MILK. Dairy producers also warn of an impending price increase on their products. “The increase has been influenced by internal and external economic factors. Primarily, this increase in raw material prices. At the end of 2016 the price of milk increased by 80% compared to the summer of 2016. Plus the exchange rate fluctuations of the dollar price per package of starter culture and vitamins directly depend on it” — told us in a press-service of one of the Ukrainian manufacturers.

Price increase is possible in March, when the cycle of maturation of cheeses and the shelves will get the goods at the new prices. For example, cheese “Ukrainian” or “Dutch” relating to the middle price segment will cost 170-180 UAH/kg (140-150 now), predict the manufacturers. “It’s more similar to Polish cheese, so our cheese makers have to moderate the appetites” — retorted Doroshenko.

Sugar is going up due to exports

Also began to rise in price of sugar: the price of loose sand rose from 15-15,2 UAH/kg to 16.5—17, and packaged — up to UAH 20-22/kg. the Reason — a 33-fold increase in sugar exports in the current season (334 thousand tons against 10 thousand tons) due to crop failure in the world of sugar cane.

“Sugar sales abroad were intensified due to world market conditions, but it won’t last forever, — says the analyst of consulting company “ProAgro” Yaroslav Levitskiy. — Internal market: even though exports will remain just as active, and manufacturers are saying about 500 thousand tons, it is still deficiency of sugar will not be due to the high volume of production and transferring inventory. Perhaps only seasonal increase in prices in may-June in retail to 20 UAH/kg max, but realistically, the price will remain at the level of 17-18 UAH/kg.”