Groysman: the Bill on the land market will allow its sale only to citizens of Ukraine

The draft law on land market will allow its sale only to natural persons with Ukrainian citizenship, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman, transfers TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“The law on the moratorium is now in Parliament, but we have continued our cooperation in the framework of this tranche,” – said Vladimir Groisman.

Volodymyr Groysman announced that the moratorium can be removed only when it is clear the position for the protection of owners of land:

“The moratorium can be removed only when it is clear position on the protection of the owners of the land. The theme of the earth is extremely sensitive for Ukrainian citizens. The fact that we are cooperating with the IMF, it is only with a view to creating a modern and effective terms and conditions of the land.”

“We are talking about that we can create a model of the land market, which would only allow individuals who are the Ukrainians between themselves to sell the land that belongs to them. And with that question to make a point. No threats will not. I will not support land reform, which can be used or large agricultural holdings, or conditionally foreigners who could come to Ukraine and to buy land,” – said Vladimir Groisman.

The Prime Minister added:
“As far as I know the mood in Parliament, this format, between owners of land and in a limited number – this brand may be to create durable quality farm class”.

Also Volodymyr Groysman confirmed that Ukraine has managed to continue cooperation with the IMF:

“I confirm that we managed to prolong cooperation with the IMF, although I believe that external support should be temporary in nature for Ukraine, because our main task is to develop the national economy. We must learn to produce resources without external borrowings. But while the economy remains weak and we need external support and assistance,” – said the Prime Minister.

“In terms of next steps, today we received the decision, I was in February in Brussels, we agreed with the President of the European Commission, will be allocated one support in the framework of our cooperation, is 600 million euros, and this is support for the Ukrainian budget”, – said Groisman.

Recall that today, the IMF published a Memorandum of understanding with Ukraine. The document says that Ukraine must adopt a law on turnover of agricultural lands until the end of may 2017. It was also noted that this is a new deadline for execution of structural lighthouse, which remains from the end of September 2016. The current moratorium on sale of agricultural land shall lose force as of the end of 2017, allowing the sale of land under state and private ownership, immediately afterwards.

Ukraine is obliged to start a campaign to inform the public and explaining the benefits of this reform.