Dmitry Yarosh: volunteers and companies such as ATB, we had a good fight

According to Yarosh, the Ukrainian soldiers were able to resist the aggressor because of a powerful moral and material support of the entire Ukrainian society, individual citizens and businessmen.

“Helping ordinary citizens, and people who have owned all kinds of companies and leverage on the economic and financial situation. In addition to the large aid formed volunteer organizations, such as “Donbass SOS”, supported the “Epicenter” supermarket chain “ATB”

It’s from a well known company that I have long wanted to publicly thank. So, thanks to the “ATB” we have the ability to dress, feed, provide accommodation of our guys from the battalions, etc. Help does not stop from the very first days of the war, from the Maidan”, – told reporters, “Day” Dmitry Yarosh.

As the MP said, in the General staff he has a very specific functional task – to coordinate the activities of volunteer units and the command ATO.

“Listen to us, involve us,” says the former head of “Right sector”. Jarosz has just returned from “front” where he was inspecting several military units. I am sure that this provision of the Ukrainian military on the front are difficult to compare with the situation three years ago.

Separately jarosz thanked all patrons for their ongoing support of Ukrainian volunteers. “…only by such people and companies as “ATB”, they have three years to fight and good fight. Remember we have hundreds of bought the uniform, helmets, vests, etc. – the amount of aid is huge. Professional level is very high, units of the Ukrainian volunteer army – one of the most efficient on the front, and UDA exists only thanks to voluntary donations. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who helps the army – someone gives 10 UAH, someone a million… Without them we would not be able to fight this war”, – told the “Day” Dmitry Yarosh.