What we want from Russia?

In the future, we will work hard to ensure that the “Moscow Declaration”, agreed by the Ministers of defence and foreign Affairs of the three countries, and the summit, which will be held in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, has evolved towards a permanent ceasefire and a political settlement. Okay, but what does it mean for Russia and, most importantly, for us?

Russia military intervention in Syria from 30 September 2015, has gained an undeniable superiority on the battlefield and in the diplomatic sphere. And stationing of the Russian naval forces in Tartus and Hamim airbase near Latakia became tangible military benefits in the process.

Putin is the first leader who called President Erdogan after a coup attempt on July 15 and expressed their support and wishes in cooperation with Turkey, which he did not randomly chose the time to build relationships, to become “the leader who put an end to the humanitarian crisis of the century” and consolidate its power in the region. In addition, since the early settlement of the Syrian crisis, vsosavcheesa energy almost all the regional countries and radically changed the internal dynamics is a common desire, and the USA have liberated this space, Russia’s leadership is almost not accepted.

In fact, Russia has for some time negotiated a truce with the United States. But, except for PR “pizza-vodka”, they failed to get any result. It was not the only negotiations which had no effect on the battlefield. In fact, the Geneva talks were doomed to failure and was not given anything but more complication of the process. That is why Russia is cooperating with two regional countries with an active military force on the battlefield, gives the world a clear signal. It can be assumed that the spread of a truce similar to what was achieved in Aleppo and across Syria, eliminating the struggle with terrorist organizations, and the promotion of a political settlement Russia hopes to improve its image of ruthless force in the eyes of Muslim countries.

The most important moment in which Turkey and Russia converge, is to protect the territorial integrity of Syria. For now Turkey is not confident that the United States opposes a possible scenario section in Syria and, moreover, in Turkey. The relationship that became strained after a coup attempt in the context of a terrorist organization FETÖ of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen) and the people’s protection Units (YPG), limited support for the operation “Shield of the Euphrates” and the fact that we were abandoned all alone in the El Baba — all of this deepened our cooperation with Russia. In other words, on a par with our rapprochement with Russia, and required an analysis of how the United States has pushed us to this.

At the time of this writing, news agencies reported two important news. Putin stated that the ceasefire agreement reached, Turkey and Russia act as a guarantor. This can be interpreted as a signal that Russia’s claims to becoming a hegemon in Syria could lead to tensions with Iran. In addition, last night, Russian planes fired at objects DAASH (ISIL, a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.) in the South El-Baba. Although these are not the areas where the fighting of the Turkish armed forces, TEACH in al Bab bombing is not a coalition led by the USA, and Russia, and it has a critical value.