Everyone decides to take or not to take part in the Ukrainian Breakfast in Davos.

The world economic forum, which opened today in Davos, Switzerland, is a huge platform where there are many opportunities for Ukraine to share its position on the Crimea, the Donbas and Russia. Comments about this “Segodnya” said the Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on European integration, the people’s Deputy from BPP Maria Ionova.

“For us as a state is very important to show the economic interest, what interesting Ukraine to the world. As for politics – it is an opportunity to once again restate the position on which the Ukraine: that Russia is violating our sovereignty, that its troops on our territory, because it keeps open the 420-mile border that she holds hostage. And just once again draw the attention of the world that Russia is the aggressor, an international terrorist, and that under international law it is necessary to agree. We are of course grateful to the US that continued sanctions, the decision was made by the EU”, – says Ionova.

As for the scandal surrounding unofficial Ukrainian Breakfast organized by businessman Victor Pinchuk at the Forum in Davos, according to Maria Ionova, everyone who received the invitation, I made my decision to go there or not.

“Secondly, after all the Ukrainian society and we as politicians, took data (Pinchuk. – Ed.) the position is absolutely unacceptable. As for further explanation, was a continuation from Mr. Pinchuk, again, these promises were on the foreign market. Therefore, I would like to more this position is championed in the Western media, where he has posted this position. And there he said, “no, I don’t know what is.” As for what was posted here, it seems to me that the external strategy of Ukraine has already been determined and there is no going back. This is all with regard to European integration and Atlantic integration. So, of course, the majority disagreed. The only thing I would like to see an information campaign-explanation this position was not only in the middle, but from the outside,” – said the MP.

We will remind, the Ukrainian delegation headed by Poroshenko refused to participate in informal Ukrainian Breakfast, which is held in the framework of the world economic forum in Davos after the article Victor Pinchuk Foundation in The Wall Street Journal. In his article, the businessman has declared that Ukraine is the time to abandon European aspirations and to put an end to the NATO membership. In addition, in his opinion, Ukraine must sacrifice annexed Crimea for peace with Russia, and also to agree to the freezing of the conflict in the Donbas. Later, Pinchuk has published an article on “Ukrainian truth”, which, in particular, reported that The Wall Street Journal has reduced his column, but his thesis, he refuses.