Trump is an American “friend” of Macron

He said the word. “This evening we will have dinner, — said July 13, Emmanuel macron at a joint press conference with clearly satisfied with the reception of the American counterpart. — Our countries have a traditional Union, and we ourselves have a strong personal relationship for which I hold fast”.

The first official day and is filled with symbolism of the visit of Donald trump in the French capital ended with a dinner of the presidents and their spouses at the restaurant Jules Verne on the second floor of the Eiffel tower. The aim was to celebrate the centennial of the United States entered the First world war, and to recall the Central role of the Alliance with Washington.

Admission to the nursing Home with an honor guard and fanfare, a visit to the tombs of Marshal Foch and Napoleon. Everything was done to emphasize the solemn nature of the meeting. Then Brigitte macron and Melania trump went to the Notre Dame Cathedral and took a walk along the Seine.

Emmanuel macron left with the guest of honor and was telling him about the history of memorable places, and then went with him to a meeting at the Elysee Palace. “Let’s go in my car?” asked trump. “Of course,” he answered, in English, the 39-year-old French leader. Apparently, he decided to forget about the previous peaks in the address 71-year-old magnate (the record holder for age among all U.S. presidents), who were recently criticized for being “immodest” and provocation.

Macron aims to become a mediator

Hugs, handshakes and the pleasantries continued throughout the day, to the undisguised joy of the American leader.

On the question of an American journalist about the conversation the eldest son of trump is well received in the Kremlin by Russian counsel in 2016, the US President said that “the meeting yielded nothing,” and that “politics is not the most beautiful place on Earth.” “I am not accustomed to interfere in the domestic politics of our partners,” he added for its part, the Makron.

“You have a beautiful and resolute President,” said trump happy. “This is narcissistic and very receptive to the attention of a person,” recalls an American journalist who like many arrived from the United States his colleagues, was surprised by the lack of demonstrations in the streets of Paris. On the evening of 13 July at the Republic square gathered a total of 200 activists.

Macron seeks to mediate between the President of the United States which is increasingly isolated in the international arena (especially after the release of the Paris agreements on climate 1 June), and the rest of the G20 leaders.

Disagreement on this issue is very real, reminded macron. “I respect the decision of the President of trump, who will conduct the review and work in accordance with the obligations assumed during the campaign. I myself remain committed to the Paris agreement,” he said, while his companion vaguely stated that “the Paris agreement might have something to do.” Yet any alternatives not mentioned, but these trump’s words illustrate the warm atmosphere of the meeting.

Statements on free trade sounded more conciliatory, although the tramp in the name of the slogan “America first” protectionism made the banner of their campaign. “We must do everything for the creation of a free and equitable trade, to take the necessary measures to combat social dumping to protect fair free trade,” stressed macron.

Anyway, unity is most clearly manifested in the fight against terrorism and the Islamic state (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization, approx. ed.). The topic of Syria and the arrangement after the elimination of the IG was actively discussed during the day.

The President of France wants to return to the diplomatic game. He repeatedly reminded of the “changing doctrine”, although Paris did not put the departure of Bashar al-Assad “a precondition of the peace process” in the last year of the presidency of Hollande.

Apparently, France seeks to attract the attention of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to his position that echoes the position of the trump: he said about working with Moscow on the second of truce (the first was established in South-West Syria, July 7).

In their opinion, zones of de-escalation is gradually becoming reality. Now we need to resume the negotiation process. “We would like to form a contact group to more effectively support the steps the UN for the formation of the postwar road map in Syria,” said macron, stressing that the draft of the permanent members of the UN security Council must find concrete shape in the coming weeks.

He also reminded that negotiations on the “inclusive political solution” should include representatives of both the regime and the opposition. So already the situation with the Geneva process, but it unfortunately did not produce results.