Russia preparing a new provocation in the Black sea: the Kremlin’s plan is revealed

The Kremlin has decided to send its warships right into the firing zone of the participants of the maneuvers Sea Breeze

Russia has gone to the provocation in the Black sea, July 20, began the international military exercises Sea Breeze 2020.

As reported in Facebook the head of the Institute of the black sea strategic research Andrey Klimenko, the maneuvers of the black sea fleet will be held in the same waters where he began practical shooting exercise participants.

The intersection can be clearly seen on the map published with the sectors of exercises, in which:

  • red unshaded areas – the area of the Russian exercise;
  • green – covered Romania for Sea Breeze;
  • yellow – blocked Ukraine;
  • bright green – Bulgaria;
  • pink Turkey.

“It is clear that in such a mess casus belli may occur (or optionally created) at any time: ships not only maneuver, but also shoot. And then there’s the “overlap,” writes Klymenko.