Ukraine is ready to pay for storage of Scythian gold in the Netherlands – the Ministry of justice

Kiev will transfer to the Dutch Museum, compensation for the exhibits of Scythian gold final after the entry into force of a court decision in favor of Ukraine. This was stated by the Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko.

“The court awarded to compensate the local Museum for storage of this collection, it was the decision of the court of first instance, which may be appealed by the party. As soon as the decision will come into force, can officially confirm this, the Ukrainian government will allocate funds from our resources from the reserve Fund or Fund or the budget of the Ministry of culture funds to pay the costs of storage and return transportation of these valuables to the territory of Ukraine”, – said the Minister.

Recall that in mid-December 2016 the district court of Amsterdam decided to return to Ukraine collection of Scythian gold, brought to the exhibition prior to the annexation of Crimea by Russia. The court ruled that the Crimea is not a sovereign state and can not claim to treasure as a cultural heritage.

Scythian gold in the Netherlands since February 2014, It was brought to the exhibition “Crimea – Golden island in the Black sea”. After the annexation of the Peninsula in the Netherlands has suspended the procedure for return of exhibits before the court decision.