How to create the perfect reputation for your enterprise and how to preserve it

Concern about reputation is an important part of the work of the Ukrainian companies/businesses/brands. They try to make it so that when you select from several of these Ukrainians give preference to their company. But as you know, an unstable economy and the human factor are very often on the way to a spotless reputation.

To protect the name, especially in our age of open information, it is not so easy — here plays a role and the quality of the product/services, and instant reaction to different kinds of complaints, and the integrity and professionalism of the staff. Besides, if reputation was tarnished, need to know how to get out of the situation and to work with the negative. “Today” learned how to cherish the reputation of the company in the Ukrainian market and how clean it from stains.


If the return of goods (damaged/nepogashenija) check there are no special problems, the product with expired shelf life, the discrepancy between the prices in check, the discrepancy of weight in fact and in check and inappropriate behavior by staff/security is still not uncommon.

“No matter how you come to online store near the house, on weight the product be deceived, then other items will break, — tells the inhabitant of Kiev Elena Potapova. — When they came to the book of complaints — the check is made a cancellation on the actual price.”

While many retailers are trying to work in this way.

“Surely you’ve heard in the sales area the message that a buyer was found expired goods, we are guaranteed to give him a similar gift for a symbolic price, — said the administrator of a trading hall of a supermarket in Kiev, Olga, Bogaichuk. — So we encourage our employees to monitor the range, and involved in the process of quality control the clients themselves”.

Not uncommon situation with the revaluation of goods. Them for the sake of his reputation of trading networks also try to resolve amicably, but it appears this is not always the case.

“Paying at the checkout, and it turns out that the product that the price tag was worth USD 70.5 UAH, in the check — 92,3 UAH, — says Yulia Dmytruk from Kiev. The administrator apologized, but he agreed only to return the money for the goods”.

On the complaint the correspondent of “Today” has called the hot line of this trading network. The application was submitted to the heads, and the girl was back the next day with apologies and the message that it may be suitable for the item cost before revaluation. The Association of retailers of Ukraine believe that for the shares of supermarkets Ukrainians “forgive” the flaws in the service.

“If we talk about supermarkets, here it is reputation of the network plays a leading role in choosing the place for shopping. Consumers more interested in price, discounts, promotional offers etc Reputation network is also important but not as critical as in the case of a fashion segment or restaurants,” says Marina Chernenko, Director General of the Association of retailers of Ukraine.

In the supermarket. Do not always have time to change the old price tags


In stores that sell clothing/shoes, they say that for them, reputation is very important, but sometimes the facts are contrary to their words. “Bought the boots in store “real friendship Nemecko quality”. They had lived exactly a month of the warranty period and torn-leaked — from Kiev says Oksana Galkina. — “Nemecka quality” was very poor quality leather, which just broke the holes of the stitching. When I went to return an item, especially one not resisted, however, had to write a statement and about a week wait for a refund. I asked for certificates of quality, and I was given only one document: sangosanya about the quality of five years issued in 2012.”

Experts of the Ukrainian public organization “Union of consumers of Ukraine,” saying: in this case, we should be happy that the money all back. “Our consumers are fully protected. And the General says that even sangosanya not needed, because corruption in this sector rolls, — said Deputy Chairman of the Union Oleg Tsilevich. — In Europe, the seller will not come out on the market, if you can not prove the quality of the product. And we even have expertise over the money to the consumer cannot prove that he sold a defective product. If to talk about shoes and clothes, there are rules, but we have a system of oversight is not working and there is no market mechanism of control.”

The Association of retailers of Ukraine recognize the problem. But I assure you that almost all companies operating in the retail sector, reputation is very important.

“The consumer experience is increasingly put retailers at the forefront, — explains the General Director of the Association of retailers of Ukraine Maryna Chernenko. If this experience is negative and the consumer to actively share it, no advertising campaign and marketing budgets will not be able to preserve the reputation of a retail chain or brand. Therefore, customer orientation is becoming an important part of the philosophy of almost all retail companies. In addition, almost all companies have special units dedicated exclusively to working with consumers and elimination of defects”.


Companies that operate in Ukraine on a franchise, try to observe “Esprit de corps” of the parent company. “When an entrepreneur decides to work on franchising, he drew attention to a company with an impeccable reputation and a plume of love consumers, — says the Director of one of Kiev’s institutions of Yulia Antonenko. — When the parent company divided by the charge “image” and the secret, then, of course, ensures that students fulfill the conditions”. There are, of course, entrepreneurs who add something to imizu of the company, if permitted by contract with the parent company (which is rare), or try to reduce the cost of goods due to the introduction of “their” products. In the latter case, all remains of fear, risk and the conscience of the entrepreneur.

However, if a businessman makes a bet on a strong business and development, the efforts will be similar. But if for some reason the business owner decided to just quickly skim the cream, the question of reputation, it especially will not care about. It is in these stores/companies the consumer may never get justice. But don’t give up: franchise Association assured us that if the negative glory “daughter” comes to the parent company, for example, someone complained to the main office, it may be the conflict all the way to court for damage to reputation.

The franchisee needs to adhere to the parent company

INTERESTED IN THE PLANS. Many say that new products/firm that enters the market almost always gives good products. And it is no wonder: to work studnicki try to be a good, and a product/service to give a to compete with competitors to increase the number of customers. No wonder also noticed that after some time, the product quality deteriorates. “Of course, it is not always the case: if the firm is configured with a long stick on the market, even the cost optimization will be intelligent and invisible to the consumer, explains Kiev businessman Valery Maslov. But if the brand is trying to somehow wallow in the market with minimal profit, then buy this product only if it is cheap. Here the user simply needs to understand what he pays for”.

There is another kind of businessmen who don’t care about the reputation and can give a product/service is of poor quality. “Companies that have no plans for further development and decided to leave the market — the most dangerous for the consumer, explains Vladlen Chernovetsky farmers Yuri Lewinski. Their goal is rasprodaja to the maximum. A year ago I bought grain for the birds and it was a bad product. On claims the seller didn’t respond: he said that this is his last party and he turns production. That is, even the “glory” he wasn’t afraid! So I lost tens of thousands of hryvnia. Therefore we are interested in development plans, just in case.”

Entrepreneur who decides to close can deceive


Many companies, both private and public, are trying to respond promptly to comments and complaints of the Ukrainians in social networks. “I wrote in Facebook that the airline had lost my Luggage, pointed them to publish on your page — says the inhabitant of Kiev Tatyana Savchenko. — Found only on the third day, but the airline contacted me on Facebook, asked for a boarding document, and later offered compensation — the equivalent of $50 or 25% discount on your next flight. Chose the money, and they introduced the card within two weeks. Came to the conclusion that their claims must be “sound” and thus to keep the Ukrainian company in good shape”.

QUEUE. The results, which is not always possible to achieve, without standing in long queues to administrators, write and other users. “There was a conflict over the transfer of money from card to card — where-that left some of the money. Stood for hours in the queue, and then took the soul on the social network, noting the Bank and several of its employees — says the inhabitant of Kiev Olga Evseeva. — Almost immediately my post said, in half an hour — called apology for techboy, and the money fell on the map.” In PR-the agencies explain: every self-respecting Agency has a page in all popular social networks, and such cases/complaints are tracked to one undetected case is not negated a reputation that took years to build.

“At fault” the companies try as soon as possible to get in touch to resolve the conflict, — they say in Newsfront PR Agency. — It is for the glory of such people in the networks form an opinion about the company. And a thousand times remember that someone out there unjustly wronged, even if the error was on the part of the consumer! Sometimes after such disputes to the marketing managers or the press office has come up with special events that will add positive reputation. This can be from holding the stock until permanent measures such as the collection and recycling of fluorescent lamps, etc., But not always, if you see any such events, this means that the company/firm “laundered” from the negative”.


About the reputation of shops selling equipment/equipped many are judged on several criteria: how savvy the staff is, explains when a potential buyer characteristics of the product, and how easy it is to return the equipment if she didn’t like/didn’t fit/broke.

“For example, the seller tries to “sell” you paid the insurance on the product for 1-2 years, — says the inhabitant of Kiev Elena Sergeeva. — I bought a smartphone, got to the ridiculous: I called the hotline and to clarify, how can the product be sold without the insurance, and it is insisted by the seller in the hall! It turned out that the insurance at the client’s request. In my understanding, the shop wanted to screw me. Later I learned that outside insurance sales bonuses are coming”.

The Associations for the protection of the rights of consumers indicate: buyers in disputes, the main thing is not to hesitate to reach for the administrator to call the hotline of the store or in Association. The more people to defend their rights, the better will be the service.

MARKET. In the markets, too, can buy anything, but the risk to buy name brand fake here above. “It is unlikely that the consumer will be able to figure out a quality product in front of him or fake — explain retailers. — Can you remember the famous Abibas. The fact that in Ukraine there is no representation that would fight for the copyright, and no special structure, leading the fight against counterfeit. So, buying something in the market, the buyer should be aware that it is unlikely he will seek repair from the manufacturer, and in the case of buying clothes/shoes — be sure that poor thing will be replaced, repaired or money back. Here hope only on the conscience of the seller.”

The fake is not monitored


Many of the restaurants with delivery service are very sensitive to customer service and are a tough competition between them. Talking about this offers on the official sites of some of them: if you do not like the food of the restaurant, while its competitor offers to replace the food for free or for a small amount. And if the courier, for example, was late, then the customer can expect a bonus.

“A common practice of some companies: in the case of, for example, late arrival of courier, offer the consumer a discount, gift or other benefits”, — said General Director of the Association of retailers of Ukraine Maryna Chernenko.

There are fast food restaurants, which save the reputation of giving a coupon for a treat when the buyer has to stand in line or he incorrectly gave the surrender. While some services can give a discount if the customer complained of poor service.

For delay you can get a discount on your next order