Putin is losing hope trump: Russia waiting for senseless times

The President of the United States Donald trump is gradually transformed from Russia’s hopes in her frustration. If its victory on elections in the Duma celebrated with champagne, now Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with French media said that Russia was expecting nothing from trump, and internal political struggle in the United States bothers to build relationships. Why so has changed the attitude of the Tramp, and none of his decisions will not benefit Moscow.


Putin’s statement is an attempt to create an alibi Trump from accusations that he is a Russian agent. Although Putin may not think, and still pins some hopes on trump. But nothing he does it.

In all the time that the tramp is in power, he did nothing of what Russia needs. He is an agent of Russia or Russian agent, is there a secret line of communication or not, bribed his son Roman Abramovich bribed or not, many in his entourage or little Russian spies — I can not judge.

In fact, trump gave the nod to the development of shale oil and reduces environmental constraints. It is beneficial to Russia? No, not profitable. Trump has napodpomo a lot of agreements on arms sales to the middle East. It is unprofitable to Russia — she was hoping to shake off at least some weapons to Saudi Arabia, but these hopes have waned.

Trump increases the military budget of the United States. It is beneficial to Russia? This is for Russia in any way, any way at all. But if we keep in mind Russian ambitions, psychosis, and eternal desire to compete, it is an invitation to continue the arms race. And that would be fatal to Russia, just deadly. Russia this will not participate, but that she is not involved — psychologically unpleasant for Putin. That is, in fact, all actions trump.

All his actions are so fussy, confused and unclear about what something to say in favor or to the detriment of Russia, they, difficult. It’s some kind of chaos.

And most importantly, of course, that the election of the trump and endless conversations about the fact that Russia has got affected due to an additional form of demonization of Putin. He finally abandoned as the main enemy, the evil wizard Volan de mort of novels about Harry Potter. In the West Putin in the list of bad, but the untouchables is not one of them. Dating him. It is not the dictator of North Korea, it is not Bashar al-Assad, but he is set for hell.

Don’t think of Putin this glory is a burden, he loves any fame. Since is not positive, let it be ever so. But, on the other hand, I’m not sure that this is what he really wants. Therefore, if Russia played a very important role in the victory trump, what I believe, but let you can, then it’s a case of Pyrrhic victory — threw a boomerang.

If Putin, for six years, will remain President, and now this issue appears to be resolved, the country can expect an economic downturn and worsening relations with the West. Accordingly, six years is absolutely meaningless stagnation in the country because there are no sources for rapid movement of the economy in Russia, there is not expected. Even this years of psychological decay, since the constant arguing about Stalin, infinite 9 may — a sign that the country is some kind of nonsense involved, looks not forward but backward. What is the solution? No.

Leonid Radzikhovsky, a Russian journalist and publicist.