What products restore and improve intestinal health

We have all become victims of the failures of the bowel. Problems such as heaviness, bloating, indigestion and slow metabolism are connected, primarily, with properly chosen diet.


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What products will help you avoid all the trouble with the bowels:

  • Diarrhea

The best folk remedy for diarrhea is still considered a vegetable broth: it will help to compensate the lack of fluid and salts which you intensively lose. In the diet include rice, oats, bananas, apples and carrots – these foods will help to deal with the aggravation and alleviate the inflamed mucosa. But of all the milk is better to refuse.

  • Low metabolism

Drink plenty of fluids – in the morning and before each meal. To accelerate metabolism nutritionists advise to eat a tea spoon of flax oil before eating – it also helps digestion. Secondly, overlapping on all products that contain fiber (whole wheat bread, bran) in the diet include more fruits (peaches, plums, apricots, prunes) and vegetables (beets, greens). Refrain from fast carbs, meat, fish and chicken.

  • Flatulence

Add to your diet natural unsweetened yogurt, greens, persimmons and sprouts, but vegetables and whole grain bread, fiber-rich, gonna have to exclude. Refrain from legumes and milk for a while. If assistance is required immediately, it is recommended to drink activated charcoal.

  • Gluten intolerance

Those suffering from gluten intolerance in the first place need to give up all flour, fat and milk. Main menu a gluten-free diet beans, rice, nuts, fish, vegetables and fruit.

  • Irritable bowel

Recommended to reduce the consumption of meat, dairy and legumes, as well as to exclude from the diet white bread. Drink more water, eat fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, and pay special attention to the corn – it has the most calming effect on inflamed intestinal mucosa.