The girl accidentally drove a mistress of her boyfriend to his house

The American, who works as an Uber driver accidentally drove up a strange girl from the airport, home to her boyfriend, reports The Evening Standard.

According to the newspaper, the guy’s taksistka was going to visit her sick mother in new York. Saying goodbye the next day she took the order and went to pick up client from the airport.

But when she drove the girl to the address, which coincided with the location of the house her boyfriend, then saw that he went out to meet his mistress.

It is noted that as soon as the man saw who is sitting behind the wheel of a car, tried to escape the house but, according to the publication, the American managed to beat him.

It is also noted that from a Twitter page of taksistka evident that she took with her Luggage along with clothes mistress, but returned when the woman called the police.

YES she got her things back no I DO not HAVE HER LUGGAGE she called the police

— Msixelaa (@Msixelaa) 29 Mar 2017